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71 510 16x7 front 16x8 Rear can this be done easly?

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Ok so Im running 280zx/810 front struts with z31 vented rotors and toyota v6 4x4 caliper. Coilovers out Back, Slotted X member.

Would like to know if 16x7+22 Rota Rb up front with a 205/40-16 and a 16x8+10 out back with 215/40-16 with stock fenders, Planing on rolling them but do not want flares.


I have some Weds Southern ways Mesh 16x7 and 7.5 but they came off an S30 and I would need flares or super stretch tires and still dont like the look. Need an S30 But thats a long ways away.


Can I do this with out super neg camber and not hacking up the car too much? Running a KA-t with JWT management and should make approx 225-250whp so am trying to get as much tire as I can with out flaring the fenders.


Any Ideas or whatother have run pic's etc


Thank you



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Yes, that's a decent notch and not a seam trim... It was more for what would need to be done to fit his first size rears. The difference between his newly found +20s and the +30s you're running is nearly a quarter in of depth. So if you only had to trim, he going to have to notch .25in deeper than you went.

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Thanks Indy. Im running a 2dr and was going to rework the lip and ridge that runs inside the fender lip and move it outwards some. Good to know they will fit, even if it requres some metal work. Are those Panasports?



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old post but this is what im working on. Hopefully picking up some 16x8+10 rotas in the next coupla weeks, rolling my fenders, adjusting camber (if i need to) and trying to shove them in there. Im pretty amped up by it.


Indy, your car is an inspiration.

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16x7 +22 fits 510 struts perfect, but needs spacers to clear 280zx struts ... a 16x7 +0 would be okay on 280zx struts, but poke out too much with 510 struts (280zx struts can fit a 3/4" lower offset on each side)


this is 16x7 +0 with 195/40, and the most neg. camber I can get out of DP camber plates, rubs so bad on rolled front fenders (not even driveable)









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alright so I have a new discovery. I have 280zx struts.


indy, your saying.

16x7+0 with 195/40 Rub to an undriveable extent on stock 510 struts

but 16x7+0 with 195/40s are "okay" on 280zx struts?


I was hoping to run 16x7+0 with 195/50 with 280zx struts and rolled fenders. Sound like it would work?


so new plan 16x8+12 with 205/45r16 rear, and 16x7+0 with 195/50/16 front


pretty much no chance of fitting 8" wide rims in the front? There are still some 16x8+10s for sale local. They would only have 3mm more poke than a 16x7+0, but they would stick in another 22mm which I don't think it could handle.

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