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71 510 16x7 front 16x8 Rear can this be done easly?

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better to go with 195/45 in the front, IMO, for clearance ... I had 195/40's in the above pics


16x7 +0 will fit good on 280zx struts, but 16x8 +10 will hit the struts, you would need at least +12mm spacers... but then the wheels would poke too much in the front


... 8's are too wide for the front of a 510, and they make the stock steering feel dangerous

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much appreciated indy your advice has been helping me a LOT 16x7+0 it will be in the front.


I obviously haven't done it, but I was really hoping for 195/50 just cause there are roughly 5x the tire selection in that size than 195/45, and 195/45 would limit me to more expensive tires or all seasons. The difference is ~3/8" in radius which is pretty significant.


a 195/50 or 45 isn't going to be stretched on a 16x7 anyways, so the extra 3/8 would be straight up, where would it be rubbing?


I'm not married to the 16s either. I think I prefer the 16s, but could I get away with 15x8+12 with 205/50r15 in the back and 15x+0 with 195/50r15s in the front. Should be about the same outer diameters, widths, and offsets, just less clearance for brakes/steering/control arms. I currently have 14x6+12s so I know the brake clearance should be fine, but the 15x8+12s will stick in an inch further in the back (I can measure tonight)

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