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    Dual Weber DCOE 45 setup for sale. Finally going to finish out the engine bay the way I want. Selling EVERYTHING weber related I have plus some other stuff in one package deal. Currently on the car and jetted pretty good for my l18 Dual weber 45s, 36mm chokes, also have 40mm. Custom 76 degree throttle plates, also have stock 78. Linkage isn’t ideal with an end pull but works okay. Air bleed screws were filled before my time but never been an issue. All in all carbs are in good shape, will obviously need some tweaking for your setup. Shorty intake Air Filter setup and also have stacks Aem wideband comes with if you want, you’ll need your own bung. T3 heat shield. Tons of jets, idle, main, and air. Misc gaskets Carb sync tool No name fuel pressure regulator Shooting for 1500$ kinda firm for now as I’m not in a hurry. (Maybe too high but 🤷🏻‍♂️ maybe not.) Located in Stanwood WA but will ship.


  2. What time you guys shooting to be in marysville? I’m planning on swinging by in the 510
  3. Couple small things, got some goodies today. v band clamps, 240 throttle cable, new clutch slave, new 3 wire o2 sensor, new dipstick tube (cant find the old one for the life of me), some new braided brake lines because i decided to ditch all the hard lines i had made in the engine bay, and a brand new engine harness from wiring specialties. Jeff (icehouse) might help me with the engine wiring once i get to that point. Started getting the dash in and have the body and dash harnesses mostly sorted out. Made a quick coil mount Decided to go wi
  4. Its been over a year but im finally bringing this build back from the dead once and for all....hopefully stay tuned for more updates
  5. i made a janky manifold (no offense) like that when i did my r1 carb turbo setup and it completely cracked apart along the welds in a couple months. the next one i heat treated after it was all welded together. Heat it red hot and dunk it in some oil or something. that one lasted a lot longer.
  6. One step at a time http://i1257.photobucket.com/albums/ii514/spudly131/th_VID_31400929_094418_zpsjp4xljgf.mp4
  7. Ordered a ecu kick panel mount/ka wiring box, and tranny crossmember. Hoping to have the whole underside of the car buttoned up and rolling on air in a couple weeks. Those banjo fittings should be in today and i can bleed/leak check the lines, getting excited!
  8. The hose itself i got from a marine supply store up here called harbor marine, i imagine any boat place that deals with larger boats should have some
  9. Just ordered some, that should work perfect
  10. Slowly but surely working thru the fuel system. Back to the drawing boards on the rear brake lines
  11. Tesla motor?! where do i find more info on this? that sounds sweet!
  12. Theres a guy on the fb ratsun page selling kick panels that the ecu fits in with a fues/relay panel for ka swaps similar to the can/am box. Any one have anything negative to say about them? 150$,m just thinking about doing that.
  13. http://m.ebay.com/itm/400706566865?nav=SEARCH
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