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521 Color Eletrical Wiring Diagram


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Realized the other link for the wiring diagram I did while doing the rewire for my truck is dead, so here's an new one.


13"x23" (Good size for in the garage)



Lower Res Version (If anyone has trouble with the download)



It's a 9 page pdf doc that hass the full diagram in color with, a page for each indavidual color to help chase down wires, the last page is the orignal diagram with the silly smog equipment wiring still on it.


Feel free to share with anyone that needs it.



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Thanks....since you did all this.....quick question what is the two wires from the firewall driver side and goes to the gas pedal i think... the one on my truck is broken its not the one for the swith on carb or the choke but something else :-/


That's for some smog crap or something. I've removed those on version I did here, The last page shows where those go though. Tore all that out on my truck. The only pedal that needs wires is the brake pedal for the brake lights.

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Nice job. I downloaded for my folder of wiring diagrams. What did you use to color the wires? Dont tell me paint (I have spent too much time doing that).


Photoshop. It was the easiest thing for me to work in and separate the colors on their own layers. It took about a night a few years ago, but saved a lot of frustration when I redid the whole wireing in the truck.


This is what I had to start with.




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I want to do the same thing for the 510s. I want to include what the different positions of the switches do for connecting whichever wires. I had the same idea of doing separate pages for things like lighting.

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