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ka head on l series

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It's much easier with a KA bottom end. Troy Ermish had a recent build on his site with that. I was debating doing that on my truck motor, but ended up just doing the standard sohc head.


But for your reading, check this thread too, mildly related: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/25243-ka-z24-build-compression-questions-done/

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I've said it before, there are benefits to using a L series block when doing this conversion. Actually I have not done a 16V conversion, but I have put KA 12V heads on L blocks, so this isn't exactly what you were looking for, but anyways...


The KA block uses a completely different front cover. If you used the L block, you can still use a L water pump, L pulleys, L alternator bracket, L distributor (with a Pertronix). And the best benefit to running a KA head on an L block is that you can run a dual row timing chain. You can modify the KA to run a dual row chain, but you have to machine the inside of the timing cover and weld in a plate to cover the hole you machined. Also, let's not forget, the L blocks are a lot lighter than KA car blocks (KA truck blocks are more similar to L blocks).


I think using an L block covers a lot of bases.


And yes, you can get dual side draft manifolds for either the 12V or 16V KA's.



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I posted a thread roughly 2 years ago when I first joined. single cam has been done but it was a lot of work and the ka24e alone still made power with equvilant done and was more reliable. The walls of the block get way to thin so it would need to be sleeved and you run into problems with either the starter or the alternator fit point can't remember which. also timing chains to get the number of teeth right for both top sprockets and the bottom gets really messy and becomes a problem. Z22 block or z24 Is more feasible but it's still easier and more reliable to just swap the ka

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