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coolest datto ive ever found in a JY


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Any pics of the forklift from farther than 3 inches away??? ..... . :lol:


:huh: <_<:lol: no - the rest of the "Forklift" was normal and not picture worthy, i was too into the conversion to care about the body. It was a 75 reg cab short box with side impact damage if i remember right

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It was an old Boeing truck (note the places listed on the mod tag plus BCAC: Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company). Boeing had hundreds of those Propane-powered 620s well into the 80s. I've seen a couple in junkyards too. The hourmeter is also a giveaway. Boeing used propane because they ran them INSIDE the plant.


What's strange is I have a Propane carb setup- and it's a Factory Hitachi with the float chamber converted to propane. The head (which I didn't buy with the setup) was U67 but CAST IRON. Not aluminum. The guy selling it wanted $300 for the head, which was more than I was willing to pay.

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In the USA, most or all were conversions, so the equipment varied. But the iron cylinder head must have come from Japan?


The Datsun factory LPG-equipped 510 used a 221 cylinder head, which was not unique, it was also used by some gasoline L16. It used a Nikki one-barell LPG mixer.

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