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620 4cyl v6 swap


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i think we skeerd him away... lol

Maybe he's getting busy with the conversion, and will be back very shortly to tell us its running already. OHH, and he's coming back to show off his OIC's. :blink:


We all know that this conversion bolts right in, should only take a couple afternoons.

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has anyone done or know of anyone that has done it before I am gona do it just need to know what I shoud be aware of 1st time doin it


Research, research .... and research some more

Lots of patience ...and some more patience

Fuel pump ,

fuel line,

fuel line routing,

steering shaft clearances ,

engine bay exhaust and intake clearances,

shifter hole clearances,

trans tunnel clearance,

but with more powrr comes s brake upgraded,

ecu diagram wiring if efi,

be able to build engine and tranny mounts.... ,

change pinion angle if need be ,

driveline modifications and accomodations ,

hood clearance to top of engine,

exhaust routing,

suspension upgrades ( think traction bars) ,

manual or automatic and if manual pedal assembly as well as hydros with clearance for external slave cylinder,

local hardware store,

Ecu wiring diagram

truck wiring diagram

Good truck body

Good truck frame

welder ,

be able to read blue prints,

syncing driveline angles at tranny and pinion angles

be able to level engine in bay,

engine hoist,

lots of jackstands,

lots and lots of measuring,

grinder with cut off discs, and grinding discs

reciprocating saw

Metal cut off saw (optional)

3/8" and possibly 1/2" drill

Good set of drill bits ... ( always use drill cutting lube, people smoke drill bits, whine and cry about it, but never use cutting lune in cases ... always needed)

good set of broken bolt extractors (optional but recommended)

step drill bits (optional)

Soldering iron or soldering gun of some type

Vast collection of electrical connectors

Soldering know how (correctly)

wiring know how and capability

Welding ability

funds $$



Even the easiest engine swaps can be difficult .... i am on the final stretch of a sbc swap in my 240z ... lots and lots of custom stuff done by myself ... its all the small things that make up the big picture ....not just mounts :)


These are just some things to consider ... :) .. u don't have to know how to do all of this, but if u know people that can this will prove beneficial ... other things like final exhaust routing and driveline shortening/ balancing i would probably leave to pro's ;) ... Ecu wiring as well if u don't feel comfy ... shop will charge $$$ for this ... so find a member or a small time local guy w... u should be able to do yourself if you research research, and research some more...


U can do this, ,, just expect to spend more $$$ ,,, more time than u think .. and aways expect comprimises to be made as well as option b and c ... when option a does not work

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