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Will a 260z motor/tranny fit in 521?

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Well, since a 260Z motor can fit into a Datsun 1200 sub-compact, it should fit even more easily into a larger 520/521 pickup.


The 520/521 might by wider and without strut towers but if anything has just enough room front to back for a four. It's going to be crowded on the driver's side with a six cylinder: intakeexhaustturbomastercylinderonepiecesteeringcolumnsteeringboxtorsionbar in there.

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It is a major PITA putting a inline 6 into a 510, it involves cutting and reforming the firewall and transmission tunnel. Fitting a 6 cyl into a 1200 would require the same modifications, still a PITA. It would be easier and cheaper in the long run fitting a V6.


My old small turbo big shot of N20 setup




New, large turbo small shot of N20


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