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Datsun B210

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I love Datsuns,but trying to decide what to do.

I have a '78 B210 GX - 4speed,with much work done.

I have a '74 & '78 parts car,& have well over $4,000 into it.

Is anyone interested in making me an offer on it?

I got the car for free,but have way too much into it.


- Doug

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Doug post a link to your threads so folks can see these b210s. And people shouldn't tease cause you put a ton of cash into them. Tis the nature of the collectible car world. Do it cause you love it. And if you can afford it, more power to you.


Might be tough to get the cash out that you put in, but better than wasting it on some cruise ship to the bahammas with nothing to show at the end, right!


B210s seem to be rising in value lately.

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