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tailgate lettering removal


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Can you get to both sides of the sheet metal where the "S" is? Try to fix it.

I have a 521 Tail gate, that is damaged. I cut the two braces out of it, between the ends, so I could reach both sides of the metal where the letters are.

I think it would be easier to repair the metal that is there, than it would be to cut the damage out, and weld in new metal, and then go back and try to fix the warping caused by welding in new metal.


Make a jig out of a 2 x 4 or other wood blocks to hold the tailgate. Make punches out of wood to move the metal. If you need to carve, or cut a groove out of a piece of 4 x 4 or 4 x 6 wood, do that.


If you have some auto body hammers, even better. Even if you do not have auto body hammers, you could use a small ball pein hammer, or even a claw hammer.


You do not need to buy dollies, a thick piece of steel will do. Any piece of steel over 1/2 inch thick will work as a dolly.

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Yeah, fix. I love the Datsun name and proudly display it. Wish my 710 had a larger emblem on the back is all I can say.


I drove 150 miles to buy a '77 tailgate for my truck. The guy bought his 620 new and within a year fitted a camper on it and removed and stored the tailgate in his daughters attic. She found it there when she was cleaning it out for a move just over 30 years later.


Here it is with less than a year of use...






Not going with the 620 anymore, I will likely hang this on my wall.


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