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Need parts for 1978 B210

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Generally body interior and trim are found only at a wrecking yard. Sometimes best to buy a cheap beater and keep only for parts.


Mechanical parts for the steering, brakes, electrical, cooling system, glass, motor, suspension... can usually be found at auto supply stores.


Some big items like transmissions, motors can be found here.




List what you need, maybe someone here has what you want.

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I would suggest oics. (pics.) first. Then put your want list in the "Parts wanted section" of the forum. If your a newb in the forum, expect to get burned or offended by somebody. After all that being said, welcome to the forum :fu:






Thanks for the headsup.

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Thanks guys for all the great feedback. Im new to the forum but very exited to find peps that love Datsun cars just like me. @ Doug i need the two front seats (passenger and driver seat).


Welcome to the forum. Come, stay a while, we have pizza and misogyny! The forum is a rough bunch of jerk gentlemen, but once you throw down a successful come back (or delicious sandwiches, which is an option for our lady members), we'll adore you.


And yes, you should talk to RedBanner. He's kinda a douche, but,hes got millions of pennies worth of b210 parts, welcome, now pics or ban! cool.gif

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