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Need help.wiring diagram mod?

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If it was originally dual point, there are a lot of wires you can get rid of. I mean, I am running single points and I got rid of a lot of wires. But you dont need to get rid of it to run.


As for making a diagram, well one day soon I would like to make my own full diagram for my car, but I need to find some decent software.


If you are just looking how to wire it up, check the how to section. a few examples there.

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Dont have a lot of experience with CAD software, but I could learn quickly...


I have been trying to figure it out, and it seems to be impossible to find anything that will do striped wires in color, or color at all. Autocad seems like it should work, but everyone says it is overkill and just use Microsoft Vizio.


But pretty much to do what I want I would save the diagram in a large format, and then open it in photoshop or illustrator to add color and stripes.

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Battery power goes to the positive side of the coil, and the "B" connection on the matchbox. ("B" for Battery).

The negative side of the coil goes to the "C" connection on the matchbox. ("C" for coil.)

Hook up the ground connection on the matchbox distributer to the head. I used one of the small 6 MM bolts on the front, that go to the front cover.

Distributer wires.


Coil wires.



I am using a stock "ballast resistor" coil I left my ballast resistor in the circuit.


This is a 521, not a 510. This part of the electrical is the same.

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Most Datsuns -- even the dual-points (emissions points) -- have a BW wire for 'IGN', BR wire for 'Start', and B wire from Resistor to the Coil + terminal. Such as Datsun 620, Datsun B110, and Datsun B210. Single-point Datsun 510 I think has BL "Start" wire and later 510 has a BG wire for 'Start'. To confirm, disconnect both and measure which one is hot with IGN on.


The colors can vary from year to year and occasionally do not match the Datsun factory wiring diagram.


The BW and L wires come with the Matchbox distributor -- if you cut them out of the harness along with the T-connector.

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