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  1. Theres no we in that sentiment. I dont say nasty hurtful things to people to get my kicks..In fact the only reason Im participating in this thread at all is because I lost my dad to covid and If I could contribute any helpful info that might help someone else not go through that Id do everything I could. So again…shame on you, IMO you are a pretty nasty person and now that people are much safer overall, I think ive done what I came to do… You’re gonna have to find someone else to be that way toward. Im bowing out.
  2. Thanks Mike. Your direct disrespect toward me is unacceptable. I don’t deserve it. Shame on you fella.
  3. Respect. 👊. They say “trust the science” and I do, however, pseudoscience isnt the same as the science they'd have you believe they are referring to. Governments throughout history have always attracted the absolute worst humanity has to offer. Today that still remains true. pro tip: Fill an 8 oz cup with water, add salt and concentrate lemon juice..do this 3 times a day to restore your electrolytes. I like mine warmed but cold is fine. Update: beat covid in 2 days. Symptomless and feel great!
  4. Oh yeah, this bitch is unpleasant. Head hurts, throat hurts, nose plugged, not sleeping well,and body feels like I fell out of a moving car.. cant seem to get warm and im in havasu this weekend.how nuts is that!? . wish me luck haha
  5. Thats rich, a mega corporation responsible for poor health is concerned about a cold. The world is fucked.
  6. It is still on, we are staying a Datsun show. My flyer guy became unreachable so Im a little behind getting that done..Should have something soon.
  7. You play with mercury as a kid dude? Ride the short bus to school?
  8. Nothing has changed.. fingers crossed for the jabbed.
  9. mid day sun = 1000 IU a minute of Vitamin D..get some.. People below the 33rd parallel should be fine if above a little more exposure may help maintain levels of of the vitamin in your body. everything else is who cares..get poked, dont, it doesnt matter anymore doesnt change your odds..likeliness of death is lower than falling in the bathtub.
  10. Ive got a royal flush then! im all boosted up! I went with the “daily V&Z” https://www.jamba.com/boosts An apple a day keeps the corporate sponsored doctors away. Pro tip: You are worth 3k to the hospital dead and thats after the 38k to “try” to save you..
  11. Speaking of wording.. https://youtu.be/1ka7zKnzEfs There's a message in this bottle.
  12. Dav, please posts links or stop posting, the content is worthless to anyone without being able to see where it comes from. thats troll territory.
  13. I built this 42 knuckle..thats my driveway. later sold it to the guitarist Gilby Clark from guns and roses and he changed everything haha oh well
  14. I had to wait to listen until i could give it my whole attention and this morning was it. HOOOLEEY SHEEEIT!
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