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  1. Just a little update as we fast approach the date, I’d like to talk about trophies. There Will be a few trophies given out and They are going to be a little different than previous years. The trophies are being MADE more like the trophies you’d see at hot rod shows. If you imagined something like crossed piston rods and gears you’d be pretty much on the money. The trophies will be art, however I am having data plates made to be attached that will say “best paint” “best daily” etc etc. If anyone is artistic in this way and would like to volunteer to make a trophy to be presented on Sunday please PM me. Club pick is Something I’d love to see happen and if a club or clubs out there would like to make one that would be amazing! As of now the510keeper has volunteered to make and present “best paint” and I am making the mouse trap. Others trophy classes can be found on the original post of this thread. Also something else this year, we are doing a 50/50 raffle so 3 people will be winning CASH!! That way all winners get the prize they really wanted. Looking forward to to hearing from anyone wanting to be involved with this. Thanks -Jbird-
  2. Oh man that would be sweet!! And camping by the lake!! Heck yeah..do it!
  3. Just a reminder.. I’m not doing this for me, I’m doing this for us. All monies collected goes to the venue to keep the place available for events like ours for years to come. That is all..have a great day.
  4. Nope, just have to show up.
  5. It’s really good to see he’s airing up his tire..that tire kept him from making it out in the past 🤣
  6. https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipPhignEq6KvnZIyIyGDkfzjMyZoDBy2t6b1VquD
  7. Nah man, bring your datsun..it would be really cool if you did.
  8. yeah, "CANtBY" a better location out there to hold an event like this, no renaissance fair nonsense being double booked and expanding into our area (the entire 62 acres is reserved for us), no venue staff micromanagement. click the link above and check out some of the museums we'll have access to explore and enjoy along with our event, all doors should be open the entire weekend and we expect comfortable weather because we will be a little south of the portland perpetual storm clouds.
  9. I’ll get over there today and have the correction made. Thanks for bringing this to my attention
  10. what more is a show than a bunch of guys with similar interest getting together to enjoy that interest? do the details of the changes make that much of a difference in the end so long as we all can get together with people we rarely get to see except at events like this? Its always great to see the cars in person that we enjoy seeing come together or get enjoyed online. pictures are cool but theres nothing like seeing them in person and hearing about the owners journey along the way. hang out bullshit share stories eat some bbq trade parts score that part you have been wanting and last but not least DRIVE YOUR DATSUN to it! meeting the legends was great but not the motivation for me to go. we all have our reasons to go but fun should be the biggest common reason we still go to events.
  11. It is happening. I may be different in the respect that most people will promote something to death and I find that shit to be terribly annoying. The turn out will determine if there will be a following year. Looking forward to seeing everyone in June!
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