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  1. Im really hoping we get a nice sunny mid 70's weekend like last time. That would really be great. It will be great to see some people we didnt get to see last year and hear about or see what theyve been working on.
  2. Hey Paradime,its pretty chill, so yeah, if it doesn’t drown out people trying to talk to each other I cant see how anyone would be offended.The venue itself is like 60+ acres...If it does we can always deal with it at that point. As far as it happening, I made a promise to you guys to keep it going until folks dont want a show of their own. Attendance will determine that. Im coming up from Phoenix Az this year to do this.
  3. Well...well know Thursday for sure, this is tentative, the board meets with the shot callers, whoever that is, to confirm this to be ok. To my knowledge we are the first people to hear about any potential upcoming changes at this venue.
  4. Just got a call from the venue, we are looking at june 12-13 with camping on the evening of the 11th (friday). They asked me to get a feel for who'd like to come out. No frills just come spend the weekend together with your datsuns! Same deal free swap and all museums open to participants. To my knowledge price point still stands. Please let me know!
  5. Hey guys and gals, as of now the venue is closed and to my knowledge group of 5 or more still brings a 1200 fine per person. The venue isnt willing to do any reservations at this time either. Ill do my best to keep everyone up to date as I find out more info. please, no politics on this thread, tyvm! looking forward to seeing everyone once we get past these frustrating circumstances.
  6. Got the call yesterday, the official word is, event venue is closed for the rest of the year. That said, Im fairly sure ive locked the same date for next year, will get a confirmation from their office within a week prospectively. Sorry guys. See you all next year! stay safe stay healthy stay true to yourselves and your principles.
  7. My venue hasnt actually said we officially cancelled but they havent said we are a go either..kinda limbo. My magic 8ball keeps saying shit like outlook not so good and ask again later.
  8. yeah, still over it, I know how to not get infected and spread it without wearing a mask or gloves or lock myself in a box, Ill do me, you do you and hope to see everyone come through this healthy. peace!
  9. it was important to me at the time to share but noone cares..If you want to know how to save yourself. PM me ill give you the links to the data.
  10. If it were me Id dump that header, get the better OEM manifold..frankly the header is only beneficial at WOT conditions for sustained periods (balls out racing) not so much street.
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