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  1. Got the call yesterday, the official word is, event venue is closed for the rest of the year. That said, Im fairly sure ive locked the same date for next year, will get a confirmation from their office within a week prospectively. Sorry guys. See you all next year! stay safe stay healthy stay true to yourselves and your principles.
  2. My venue hasnt actually said we officially cancelled but they havent said we are a go either..kinda limbo. My magic 8ball keeps saying shit like outlook not so good and ask again later.
  3. yeah, still over it, I know how to not get infected and spread it without wearing a mask or gloves or lock myself in a box, Ill do me, you do you and hope to see everyone come through this healthy. peace!
  4. it was important to me at the time to share but noone cares..If you want to know how to save yourself. PM me ill give you the links to the data.
  5. jbirds510

    T3 Heat Shield

    If it were me Id dump that header, get the better OEM manifold..frankly the header is only beneficial at WOT conditions for sustained periods (balls out racing) not so much street.
  6. Mike I deleted my post because it was a rant and out of place on this thread, not intended to strike up some debate. I believe media sells the shit out of bad news and lemmings stay tuned in. The statistics youve presented are bunk, its is completely false and time will no doubt confirm this. Not only will I not debate this subject any further I will no longer be posting on this thread until either the Sheep in place is lifted or the date passes. have a nice day.
  7. ive been offered an alternate date but yet again it conflicts with another event, in this case the datslocos guys over in Bend do a cruise, so thats an issue. Id suggest they do the cruise to powerland together but its not my gig, that would be up to them.
  8. Mike, gene, guys this isnt a political thread. just that politics has robbed us of an outdoor event.
  9. Im not interested in jamming square stakes through round holes. Ive simply got too much to lose.
  10. its looking more and more like that is the case these days isnt it.
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