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  1. jbirds510

    Dog bones!

    follow up... 620 bones bolt right in, so now it has a little metric in there but really nbd. works titties! no more wheel wobble. 1 thing i did have to do was remove the sae brake line end to metric thread because i retained the 620 brakes along with the bones as they were better.
  2. Please share and tell a friend !
  3. They’d probably call it california
  4. jbirds510

    Dog bones!

    Thank you 🙏 @mklotz70
  5. jbirds510

    Dog bones!

    Ok so I picked up a frame from a 73 620 the guy cut off just aft of the torsion bars. Kingpins are tight! Gonna just use the dogbone/king pin and spindle for my completely blown out one. Got the whole clip for 100 bucks. Hope it works, if not I’m not really out a heck of a lot and got to meet a pretty awesome Datsun guy in the process!
  6. jbirds510

    Dog bones!

    I know king pin guys are swapping to ball joint on 620’s so I guess what I’m asking is can I swap all the 620 kingpin shit onto a 521 frame?
  7. jbirds510

    Dog bones!

    Will the upper lower and dogbone swap over to a 521 frame as a unit?
  8. jbirds510

    Dog bones!

    Anyone know if the 521 and 620 dogbones and spindles will interchange? Are they pretty much the same 66-77? I have a 521 with a smoked kingpin and as many of you know the kingpin kits are rare and expensive. Can I bolt in 620 ones?
  9. There will be shirts for next year but as redeye said unfortunately my shirt guy fell through too late in the game to get some made for 19’
  10. if Arizona had Oregon summers it would be the perfect place on the planet to live
  11. Ha! This is funny, I have a black 510 wagon and a blue 521. Flattered! Lookin forward to going to your show!
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