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  1. Yes, I’ll be back from Sacramento by then.
  2. Don't know anyone yet so this seems like a good way to fix that. Ill be coming out also.. Maybe +1.
  3. jbirds510

    DatsunsNW future plans and events

    Anything between now and Canby?
  4. jbirds510

    L20B big bore with low end torque

    If you are looking for torque and reliability keep your 2liter bore and go with z crank and rods. Torque, makes it a stroker that is less prone to wall fracture and overheating and head gasket issues. Still want more power? Get into the head larger valves port work etc..power is all about getting air in and out bud.
  5. jbirds510

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

  6. jbirds510

    Floor sensor relay

    Haha my thoughts about it also! Just fix stuff correctly.. it’s crazy how many people out there call that a permanent repair haha
  7. jbirds510

    Floor sensor relay

    Thanks Mike, when I bought the truck the PO had a push button starter switch bypassing the key for the start position so the starter is working and bonus it’s a reduction gear starter . I’ll bypass the lock out and see what happens that’s a great Idea!
  8. jbirds510

    Floor sensor relay

    Do you know if the plug is accessible without going under the truck? Maybe through the shifter hole in the tunnel?
  9. jbirds510

    Floor sensor relay

    Yes, it’s an auto Mike. I didn’t figure it was related but discovered it while unwrapping my loom in the engine bay to clean and inspect the wires for cracks or breaks. I’m inclined to include the new relay wiring for the start solenoid into the harness before re wrapping it all up. I also discovered another weird component that member heretic discovered was a speed switch for the EGR that I’ll be omitting from the harness I think. Don’t think I’ll ever need to concern over “smog” where I am.
  10. jbirds510

    Floor sensor relay

    Removing it.
  11. jbirds510

    Floor sensor relay

    So im sorting out a no start at key issue today and installing a relay for the ignition circuit on my 77 620 kc and Im looking at the harness diagram and i see this relay called floor sensor relay. What is it and why is it needed? Looking forward to a reply
  12. jbirds510

    Bend Over Oregon 68 4 door Datsunsvilles next up

    James, progress on this car?
  13. jbirds510

    620 starting issues

    Coo thanks @roadster-Ka I’ll give that a go!
  14. jbirds510

    620 starting issues

    I’ll start by sayin I’m not very search literate so I wasn’t able to find an answer. Bought 620 with push button start, key works to power coil then push the button.. pretty lame, decided to fix this. Discovered that the original wire that female spade onto the solenoid had simply been removed and taped back so I disconnected the push button wire and reconnected the correct wire.. cranked over on first turn of the key! Yes!! Tried again over and over after to only get a click sound from somewhere on the passenger inner fender well. I don’t want to reconnect the push button. Anyone experience this before? Find a solution?
  15. jbirds510

    Wrecking Yard Report

    the entire tunnel area was gutted, I can only assume it was another failed attempt at a v8 or other large motor swap.. I say sbc because there was a th350 trans sitting in the gaping hole that was the tunnel area before

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