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  1. Everyone will still need counseling Because that dude seriously offended some people and shattered others sense of safety and security. No doubt the PTA will want to put up barbed wire and a gate with armed guard now.
  2. Furthermore you can source 210 strut insulators and do the mod that tedman posted to get an additional drop. Memory isn’t what it used to be but I recall it to be over an inch more drop without Further stiffening ride quality. I have done this many times over the past 20 years. Another thing to consider, the difference between a 69 and a 70 strut tube is 2 cuts and a weld. for me personally I cut all tubes no matter if I’m doing coil overs or not, they all get shorter strut cartridges and the tube is matched to it. The reasoning behind this is about cartridge valving. If you reduce spring height you’ve now compressed the cartridge and it will be working in a different internal position and often times more prone to full compression which inevitably blows them out...oily mess, bouncy, tire cupping and general discontent will be the final result.
  3. I agree with mike when it comes to sealing mating surfaces. I use gasket fiber material you buy at the parts house or hardware store , however on some of my newly made gaskets I like to put a very conservative amount of “right stuff” on them, not enough for any to squish out upon compression of surfaces but just enough that it slightly wets the mating surfaces.
  4. Yes there is room for trailers at the new location. Last year I went to the vintage diesel meet there and there were 100’s of truck and trailers. This place is rediculously massive!
  5. Yep lots of room left, you got it.
  6. No prob.. plenty of room!
  7. Dogs : allowed under the restriction that they will be leashed and cleaned up after. Fire pits : unfortunately by June Marion county is mostly burn banned due to ever drying summer conditions however if you’d like to bbq and you have a gas grille that is 100% allowed!
  8. If you need 10x10..it’s yours, if you need more, that’s alright, have some more ;). There’s enough room that no one should feel cramped. The swappers and venders will have a row to the eastern side of the event area. The event participants will be parking in rows to the west of the swapping area under a grove of well manicured mature trees with a decent canopy, however, come prepared to be in an event held in Oregon. By June Brooks Oregon will most likely be 74f/49f average. As I mentioned in a previous post, last year in Canby it was nasty but at the same time in Brooks the sun was out.
  9. Yes it’s free. Bring it out.
  10. Are you talking about food or are you talking about goods like shirts and parts etc?
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