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  1. jbirds510

    My 1971 521

    might be a real squeezer
  2. jbirds510

    My 1971 521

    U60 or U67 ported then port matched to intake. as far as hold down fasteners for the VC, I suggest swapping to all nut and stud. VW guys often use stepped studs for the final repair on oil sump screen plates. Me personally, id grind out the hole into a channel and tig in some new material, set the VC on to reference where to drill and tap.
  3. jbirds510

    My 1971 521

    Is this Mike vallely??? lol
  4. All set over here..Just needed to see the placement of the ebrake cable spring..was in a hurry to get the truck to roll I guess I pulled it..well I didnt recognize the spring cuz Ive never had to replace an ebrake cable before I think haha.. Going to bed with peace of mind tonight because of the help here today..Thanks guys, very much appreciate it. In the pic, the left shoe says "fore"..makes that a golf shoe? 😄
  5. You rock @thisismatt! I shouldnt have been in such a hurry but as we are trying to push this pig, owners telling stories about long long ago in this truck, back when he bought it new and getting all sentimental about it, which I totally get but in my case this is making nervous, like this sale is about to fall out and im all in, dolly(rental) on, many miles already behind me and 1/2 a day gone..yeah im just trying to get those front wheels on and cash traded hands as fast as possible..very nice guy, glad he didnt cjamge his mind.
  6. This is for a 73 sbsc PU passenger rear..I took it all apart to tow it home as it was pretty stuck..well a week passed and I dont remember exactly how i took it apart..such a dummy sometimes. biggest wonder is where the long skinny spring with no ears goes.
  7. jbirds510

    Help! 73 620

    This. ^ . In my case no doubt was doing it wrong. I may have had a stroke of luck however, assuming a 73 620 has the same adjusters as a 77 620 I went to a yard near me thats known for having older stuff and they had a 620 in it. drum was stuck and they were closing so Im going back with some spray and baby sledge in the morning. @bilzbobagginsgreat tip! plan B..Your way is how it probably should have been made to begin with.
  8. jbirds510

    Help! 73 620

    I just broke the passenger rear brake adjuster on my 73 620 Anyone in the northern oregon area ( eugene to portland) have 1 they would be willing to part with? Trying to make the DAB show with ist!
  9. Wish Id been free to come up Picked up a field find 620 and was really jamming on it to get there, parts took longer to arrive than Id hoped for. Would have been nice to see you guys again.
  10. I love this forum. FB sucks.

    1. bananahamuck



      bass cranks up better on pc 

  11. Leaning toward dewalt cuz all my other stuff is dewalt 20V XR but Its not set in stone if theres a better option.
  12. who uses them? Any good? best brand?
  13. well thats just depressing Hope it lived a good life before it succumbed to this!
  14. jbirds510

    Powerland III


    Im hoping the restrictions go away sooner than later.
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