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  1. Update: The venue is officially closed to the public. This was to be expected as the congregation rule was put in place a while back. This announcement comes late because they were closed for the winter and they wouldn't open until 4/1 ordinarily anyway. This status is based on Oregon's shelter in place order and the national recommendation that non essential business's close for the safety of its employee's. At this point its fairly safe to assume that by June much if not all of this will be behind us or at least not a critical health risk as people will have adapted to exercising social distancing and increased sanitation as a norm. I'm CONFIDENT at this point in saying our event is late enough into the season that the venue will most likely be open by then and we can still enjoy our much looked forward to event. Should any further information come my way i'll update as that transpires. thanks. -Jbird
  2. here is everything you need to know..Media is about selling ad space, thats it! It seems the general population hasnt figured this out yet. theyd tell you anything if it meant youd tune in and watch their commercials. Anyway, whatever, this video explains the ONLY important news. It explains how this bitch works,why and how to correct it. It even covers the medicine that everyone is going retarded over and how it actually WORKS.
  3. hi Mike, I respect your opinion and everyone elses for that matter as long as it is intelligent but Id like to say you said " Easy to blame china" and Id like to correct this as its not accurate, I said "chinese government" I was careful to be clear about that. I feel strongly that the chinese populous are the the biggest victims of all and feel sympathetic toward them as I would any population under dictatorship. Also lets be VERY clear I AM POINTING A FINGER, some folks blame Trump, thats fine, I dont agree but thats just my opinion, I do HOWEVER DIRECTLY blame XI as he completely disregarded global health for whatever reason and the aftermath we are seeing IMO is completely on his shoulders.
  4. well so far ive seen or heard nothing to give the impression they will be closed but Junes is still pretty far away, perhaps they are just waiting, just like us. They are closed until April every year anyway.
  5. Well, the venue may make the choice for us 😕
  6. **Update** Ive been asked about event cancellation due to the virus issue, as of right now we are still on. By June things will most likely be sorted out, HOWEVER, I'm setting the date of May 12th to be the final assessment date to determine whether we do or do not cancel/reschedule. TWELVE WEEKS AWAY..Get your cars/trucks dialed in if they aren't already because 2020 is gonna be AWESOME!
  7. I just got asked about drones..This is not something that even crossed my mind.. please post your thoughts on this.. I personally think the footage might be nice, Ill ask the venue its policy if there is even a policy..But id LOVE to hear others opinions.
  8. Yep, that is still the plan, gate pay.
  9. Didnt see any prices. Any idea what entry is with a car?
  10. 17 weeks till powerland!!
  11. Better start lookin for that time now, june will be here really soon! I look forward to meeting you in person, ive enjoyed your posts for years.
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