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Good IGN switch manufacturers?

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Hey dudes, got a tricky one for you.


I need to replace my IGN switch in my 620. I've been dealing with these SHIT Duralast switches since I bought one new, and I've replaced it 7 times in the last few months since I got the truck because the plastic contact plate on the back falls apart and eventually is trashed.


Before you shit on "Duralast" parts, they're not manufactured by 'Duralast', this one in particular is manufactured but Wells, who is the leading manufacturer in electronic replacement parts and seems to be the default carried by any/all autoparts stores.


I know I'm not the only one that's had this issue, so I need to know if anyone has worked out this problem before or found a QUALITY manufactured part.





I checked with the Nissan dealer, but their parts computer for the old school is gone to shit and they can't get me a P/N, so I'm kind of fucked out of OEM unless someone might be able to dig up a Nissan P/N.

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call chad at chico nissan! they ship. and no wells is not default for all parts houses. dont let them brainwash you. of course you dont know any better.


i walked in to my local nissan after mike then jim left. those guys are great!. they took down all nismo advertisments and got rid of all the cool shit they had on display. gave the counter guy shit for it. he said they are focusing on leafs and shit. apparent by the countless floormats ventshades and wipers for new nissans. drs nissan is the only place to go here in portland now. mike is there

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