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What Engine?


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Ok, i got my '71 521 two or three weeks ago. The previous previous owner did an engine swap, but i dont know for sure what engine it is. I thought it was a ka24e, because it came from a Hardbody pickup, but i found out that it could be a z24.


Is there anyway I can find out exactly what it is?





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The easiest way would be to post up a picture. Other than that look on the upper passenger side of the block. Theres a little flat spot that will be stamped with the engine #. Also, stamped steel valve cover= z series motor, aluminum valve cover= KA. Hope this helps.


Edit: sorry just got the pic to work. I vote NAPS-z24


try this link, http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3186/2309101130_e3ec544609.jpg?v=0

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I didnt even know this thread was going on. I tried to post it a few days ago and my computer locked up. I posted another thread today with the same subject. I didnt see the first one worked. Could someone delete if for me. thanks


So its a Z24. Anyone know where i could get a rebuild kit? I know this engine hasnt been ran in a very long time. I want to make this truck run as best it can. I will be hopefully be driving to shows all over the east coast area.


2eDeYe;48539']Some work has definitely been done to that truck.

Can you take a close up of your upper control arm?


Sure i can take a pic of the control arms. I'll post it later. Your're right. There is a lot of work done to this truck. Unfortunatly' date=' not the best quality work in most cases. The truck sit on hydros right now, but it will soon be changed to air ride. It is body dropped, but its very scary and i'll will be re-doing everything.


Heres some pics of the truck.....






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get it running first! DOnt just start tearing into it because it hasnt been ran in a long time. Trust me. If it ran before it will probably run just as good again with a lil work. Most nissan engines I have taken apart still look amazing inside and just need a lil head work. peace.

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