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How much is a 1970 1600 roadster worth?


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Im looking at my neighbors 1970 datsun roadster. The interior is quite nice. It has a bolt in roll bar. Everything else is stock, paint is pretty good, original not faded but some sanding was done by the emblems. Everything is there and i got it to chug with a couple sprits of staring fluid. Not registered. He wants $2500. Are 1970's desirable? i know you guys cant judge with out pictures so i willl post them as soon as i can. Just sold my honda accord for 13.5k i really want a 510 so i was planning on flipping this mabey for 4 or 5? My mom also wants it so im not sure. Will have pics posted soon...

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Buy it.

Don't flip it.


For that price, it's a keeper.


Also there are roadsters on craigs list for cheap but there not in this condition... Running and registered for 1k but kinda junky on craigs list. The reason i want to flip it is because i dont want to ruin a car that has potential to be almost like new, whatever i get is going to end up almost unstreetable.

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and you wanna get this just to sell to your mom. jack, just build this thing up nice and be done. this is way cooler than your 510, even if it does have 500 hp, this will be cooler. the 500hp 510 will just be scary, not fun


haha hell yeah 9 sec passes


510 all the way


and ill just put a hc kade in this and sell it to my mom and say its half mine

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Get it, you won't regret it! As a 1970, that is the 5 main bearing metric 1600cc engine. A very good one, and can be built up as a 2 liter stroker if you have the time and inclination to do so. Very desirable as is, so don't be in a hurry to do anything drastic to it.

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Is it yours yet?


I was just thinking...

Turn your dime into a mild build(500+hp is ridiculously illogical).

That will save you some money to mildly build this thing too.


Just but the thing already and do work!

This could be one stellar little car.

It's already in pristine shape for not being restored.

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