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So over the weekend I went into Oregon and Idaho to visit family. My grandpa that lives in Oregon has this '72 4 door 510 that I've been eyeing for probably the last 20 years. It's because of that car was the reason why I bought my 620 as my first vehicle, and now I finally own the car! Basically I'm going to replace and update everything and leave the body alone. The plan is doing a stiff suspension for fast tight corners, the SR20VET drive train, get some Rota RBs, replace the interior, and replace the dash with some BRE race gauges. I'm sure my plans will evolve over time.











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^^^ Love sarcasm... If I deside the AWD is a bust then I'll keep it RWD. Some people just don't have the balls to try something different, especially when it requires hard work and determination.


Only reason for the sarcasm is because people come on here all the time with some great new idea that does take a lot "work and determination" and it never gets done.


Glad you are saving this one, looks like it needs some TLC.

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It was indeed sarcastic :-) But on a serious note, the AWD 510 has been discussed many times, and for numerous reasons nobody has ever done it. A few of the reasons are that it would add a lot of weight to the car, upset the weight balance of the 510, and would take a *serious* amount of engineering and custom parts to make it work. You'd end up with a 510 that weighs more, handles worse, and would get smoked by a properly set up L series car. There just aren't any benefits to AWD in a 510. There are few cars out there that can touch a good RWD SR20DET 510, so if you have the SR, just build the car up for that. It would be a lot easier, cheaper, handle better, and be just as fun. Not trying to crush your ideas, just trying to give some advice.

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I wasn't trying to cause trouble. I was doing some looking around and came to that conclusion as well, I'll probably just stick with the RWD. I wouldn't disregard your guys advice and end up with something I didn't like in the end. Thanks for the advice and the comments. Can't wait to get it home and cleaned up and try and see what I need to do to get the L16 going again.

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So I'll be able to finally pick up my Dime next weekend the 29th!!! The car is in Ontario OR, so if there's anyone between Boise and there willing to help with getting it on the trailer, I'd love the help and I'll buy lunch for ya. Hit me up anytime if you can and we'll get a plan together. Thanks a lot!! -Steve 801-831-1365 :lol:

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