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  1. Very Nice. I remember that hood was on your 68 two door, with hubcaps.. the stance of the bird is sick!
  2. Good shot; It would look good in my living room.
  3. I saw that wagon back in 2005 Shasta. It was painted by the keeper, and I remember seeing it at his house too.. I remember the ghost flames in the engine bay. Had an l18 then he had it rebuilt..
  4. My car is a 70 as well, 546 color .. Every 70 510 that I’ve seen has had the map light, su’s, parcel tray underneath the dash and the one wire fuse block.. also 70s had the white needle tach.
  5. Nice how did you install the 1600 badge on the back?
  6. I have the 200sx guts in a 240 bell housing.. its a standard H and 5th gear is like really an overdrive Gear .. it’s way over on the passenger seat almost.
  7. Nice project! My 2 door is that same color! Are you going to restore the wanna bre car?
  8. Beautiful car, my favorite color matte purple and a period correct front air dam, which I like the best more so than a bre one
  9. I like slammed 4 doors with covair steelies and hubcaps ... negative on fender mirrors, big wheels, modern accessories On a classic.....but to each their own
  10. Any trump supporters want to sell me their import Datsun?? Or trade their Datsuns for my Chevy or ford?
  11. Hey sedition88 what is that color code on the 4 door?
  12. Beautiful.. Like the door mirrors! Nice color choice.
  13. believe what you are told....... there would be chaos if you didn't ............ :rofl:
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