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2011 Mount Washington Hillclimb, In Car with Dave Patten

Dime Dave

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The Climb to the Clouds hillclimb at Mount Washington (NH) was held weekend of June 24-26, 2011. I was there competing in my ’71 Datsun 510. This was my 13th CTTC event and the first with an in car camera (and my first attempt at downloading a lengthy video to YouTube).


This footage was taken on the second and final run of the event. The road for Sunday's first run was wet, but had been drying throughout the morning. The road was now dry fo second runs, but the skies were threatening with rain drops starting to fall and the summit was in the clouds.


After my first run I’d moved up from a 6th place grid position to 4th in class. After completing the second and final run I finished 3rd in class and got to stand on the podium. Not bad for a car that was last raced in 1996.


Enjoy and don't be afraid to go full screen, the video is in HD.



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looks like your haulin ass how fast are you going


8:12 was my best time over the 7.4 miles. Average speed is pretty pedestrian, but given there are quite a few 1st & 2nd gear corners I'd bet the top speed is close to 80 which is fast on a road narrow enough that the mirrors hit when two Ford vans pass in opposite directions (ask the tour van drivers about that).

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I know this is a year old thread, but DAMN! That looks hair raising. I'd like to say I want to do that, but I just don't think I've got the stones any more.



"...I just don't think I've got the stones any more". That my boy is all a matter of mindset.


I've been hill climbing since I was 18, I ran this event every year from 1990-2001 (when it stopped being held) and the special event last year at the age of 54. If I were to jump into it now I wouldn't be able to do near as well.


For me the lower section of the mountain (below tree line) is the hardest, it calls for a good memory. If you watch close you can see a few lifts that weren't really needed (including one very poorly timed and executed downshift). Once you get above tree line it is more line of sight driving and I can actually feel my body physically relax. I know I drive better on the top half because what I give up on the bottom I can usually gain back and more on the top.

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