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Side Marker Lights

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This is a thread about Datsun side marker lights, and repairing them. Ones that look like this.


A lot of different Datsuns use these marker lights, and the only differences in the lights used is the rubber base, to fit the contours of the different Datsun bodies, and the length of the wires to hook them up.

So, if your marker light is damaged, or missing it is pretty easy to use parts from other Datsuns, even if it is a different model.

The 521 truck I an working on (April 2011) had only three marker lights on it, the left rear one was gone, the front right one had a cracked lens, and none of them worked.

This is an unknown marker light light I am removing from its rubber mount.


This picture is of the metal reflector I just removed in an extra piece of 521 marker light rubber I had.



I do not know about other model of Datsuns, but the marker light rubber for 521 truck is marked like this.


I believe FRH means Front Right Hand.


So here are the four rubber marker light bases I have for this truck. 521MarkerRubber.jpg

And here are four lenses for the marker lights.



If you swap the metal base around, you may need to change the wires. The ground wire is held on like this.


Lift the clamp,


Desolder it,


and solder a longer wire on it.


The center wire is just held by this small center brass washer.


It is soldered to the end of the hot wire.


Here is a picture of the guts that are inside the socket.



The bulb was stuck in my three marker light that came with this truck. This is how I removed it. I broke the bulb, and was left with this bulb base, with some ceramic stuff in it.


Break the ceramic with a chisel,


or a big screwdriver.

Pinch the base into a figure 8,


Grab the base with some needle nose pliers,

and it will usually come out like this.



After cleaning everything up, and putting the correct length of wires on the base, I tested it.


And then I put a wad of paper towel in to the socket.


And painted it with this.



After the paint dried, I put the metal reflector back in to the rubber base, and put the side marker light together, and tested it again.


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good write up.

I notice if you use MA flux like for stainless the solder wicks up and sticks better than the usual balling up than regular flux.


I had rusted bulbs also. What I did or had to do is cut the whole bulb socket out and put a plastic one in there and solder grounded one wire to the case.I just % min epoxy or JB Weld would be better.


if you have save the stock metal one I put anti seize on the ground part of the bulb as this help keep the corrossion down. and making EZer to remove.

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