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  1. follow the rules! Buyers 1/ Replies WILL be limited to questions about the item for sale and 'reasonable offers'. All others will be removed at the moderators discretion. 2/ Negative comments about the item or the price WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. These will be removed and the member warned once or temp banned, totally at the moderators discretion. No excuses, no exceptions.
  2. might as well give it a try, ygpm!
  3. interested in the cluster surround
  4. because you "pay more" by buying an additional performance ignition module. there is no reason why you have to have a MSD 6 ignition module to use their wires or yours. if the example had used the MSD ignition on both, your kit would be more expensive....
  5. cbad cars every sat morning 7-9am at the carlsbad outlet malls. im usually there with my 620. lots of random cars: muscle, jdm, euro, exotic, etc.
  6. saw a dropped 510 on Tamarack in Carlsbad by the 5 as i was heading to Vons in my 620.... yelled "RATSUN!" out the window but no response
  7. that is the style of meet the Cbad Cars is!
  8. there was a sweet blue Z on steel wheels at cbad/HRE. i took my 620 but parked on the street.
  9. did you buy these in carlsbad before they were polished? i think i sold em to you
  10. for those further north, there is a early morning meet in Carlsbad every Saturday morning 7am-9am at the outlet mall. theres a big meet planned for the 4th of june with a open house at HRE afterwards: i'm usually present with my 620 or my mustang.
  11. in the BMW's case, they simply painted the crosshairs black. it reflects onto the reflector which makes it appear black, but it is actually chrome.
  12. frink84

    Sly Tuna's 74' 620

    how is the ride with the new shocks? looks like a great starting point you have
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