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Need electrical help socal

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I've been having problems with my brake lights for a couple days now all my other lights work but my brake lights dont. I'm.completely horrible with electrical crap so rather than do more damage id like to have someone who is experienced fix it. It's a 73 620. Of course will pay for it need it fixed.within the day or two else id have.to take it to a shop.and get.got... thanks guys

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I honestly.dont think or would like to drive it with.electrical problems, it's my dd and my only means of transportation since I wrecked my lexus I do have the.diagram

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it seems like he might have a shorted circuit...but I'm not sure. reading the diagram was a kick in the head last night.

Switch is good, bulbs are good...trying to trace the wire in dash, might be a short somewhere in there......going to try and look @ it more tonight.

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we put in new bulbs. Found a wire off the horn relay. There is one wire that got very hot and melted the insulation off of it. I dont think its part of this system. I'll look into that later.


I think there is a short in the turn signal switch. I was able to get the hazzards to work last night. He mentioned that they never worked before. While I had the hazzards on, I would plug in the turn signal switch and they would stop working. I was able to jump the connector for the turn signal switch on the harness side and by pressing the brake pedal I was able to get the left side to come on and didnt trip my circuit breaker. didnt know which wire it was for the right side though.


I'm good with wiring, used to looking @ the newer style diagrams, but this one is a kick in the nuts.

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Yup, after fixer mentioned that it would short when turn signal switch was connected i went ahead and took it off.


Opened it up cleaned up the contacts, noticed the contacts that control the lights (or turn them off to use the turn signal) had scorch marks and were very corroded (Possibly corrosion caused the short)


Went ahead and cleaned it up and took some fine sandpaper to all the contacts in the switch box.. popped it in hesitantly put a 15a fuse in and pressed the brakes...... No pop.... turned back and the lights were on....


Tested Horn, It Worked!

Tested hazards, they worked!

Tested all three, no fuse blown!



Thanks guys! Hope this helps someone else with the same problem.

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