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HPI cup racer 510/240z

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HPI cup racer 510/240z


$300 - Wilsonville, OR



510 body, brand new motor and the 240z body is brand new.

havent even drilled the holes in it for mounting and bumpers/ect

comes with another beater 510 body too (not pictured), a box of of extra body parts/car parts, extra motor (new)

along with all the bumpers, mirrors, ect for the 240z














I was going to dick around with it for a while and then just put it in my vendor booth at Canby

but I could use a little extra cash to finish some stuff on the truck before Canby

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I'll trade you a hood trim for it. biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif



thats some expensive ass hood trim!



cup racer is ~$200 brand new, and thats before you have to buy all the electronics, charger, remote

and all that shit cuz they dont come in the kit :blink:


so this is dirt ass cheap untill Canby, then it goes to original price again

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