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WTB: exhaust manifold


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trying to pull all the smog equipment off the green bean

the L20B motor needs a new exhaust manifold I was thinking about a L16 manifold but I am hearing that the L18 may work also


anybody have an extra manifold I really need one


please let me know

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I know there are not a lot of parts

why not ship ?

and I removed the intake and the exhaust so it was not just the egr i was trying to get rid of the intake and the exhaust are mated together

that is what i am trying to get rid of ....alog with the rest of the smog crap

and i have a couple of shots of the block i think they are round

check the link

datsun block

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Well it's your head is it round or square exhaust? The manifold you have there is for a square but the head could have been swapped. Look behind the fuel pump between the #1 and #2 plugs, the head ID will be there.


This is a W58 and would have round exhaust ports..






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Then an L16 will work. L18s sometimes have an EGR tube but you can cut and fold over or put a metric pipe plug in the hole. You will need a new intake too... the one you have has a hole below the carb. L16 intakes do not have the EGR valve on them, L18 probably will depending on year but the L20Bs ('78 and on) are the largest runner size but will have EGR valve.

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