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l20 vs l20b


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There are two L20's to my knowledge.




First, the L20A, which is a 2.0L inline-6 from the Skyline (correct me if I'm wrong)


And theres the L20B which is the 2.0L inline-4 from the trucks, and other various Datsuns.


Yours is an L20B.

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yup. most people just type L20 for the L20B since an actual L20 is rare here.


the L20 is an inline 6, 2.0L (like the L24-L28 from Z cars) that was JDM only in Skyline 2000 GT and the Cedric 130 ect.


the L20B is an inline 4, 2.0L that came after words in the american market for the trucks, 610's ect.



the 6 cyl L20 is usually called an L20A too

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What is the 2.0 liter 6 cylinder in the early fairladys(240Z in the USA) called, I have a customer that has a right hand drive fairlady he imported from england when he got out of the service.



back then Nissan only made 2 inline 6 2.0L motors.

the L20 and the S20.


the S20 was a twin cam motor that came in some Skyline GT-R's and the Fairlady Z 432

a standard early Fairlady Z came with an L20

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I took a look at the engine several years ago, it looked like a L20b engine, except longer with dual SUs. I offered to buy the car if he ever sold it, have not heard from him yet. Funny thing about the car, the design looked unrefined, kind of fred flintstone-ish, but maybe I was to close as I have never seen the car outside, just in the garage up close, it barely has 100,000 killomiters on it, maybe it was miles, I don't remember, it was a long time ago. But the car still sits in his garage.

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I didn't know you knew Todd. I don't think he'll ever sell that car. Course, I don't know it will ever be registered and driven either. Oh well.

Does he live in vancouver washington? This is a customer of my business. I don't think his name is Todd, but I can't remember his first name now.

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