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how much do you think its worth?

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ok well i found a 77 620 im looking into buying, and was wanting to see how much you all thought it was worth and a few thing s to look out for on it as well. it has had a z24 with 4spd swaped into it, and from what i can tell from the pics it has a good bit of rust in the floors judging by the way the cab sits. The drivers side fender has the bottom bolt hole rusted out , and the cowl cover is missing(not sure of the technical name for it), the bed hooks have also been shaved as well. But the truck does run and is driveable and supposedly everything works on it, i havent had a chance to see it in person but i hope to go look at it this weeked. he wants 650 for it, and heres the pics.












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Well, motor and tranny resold " if they work well" cam easily go for 300$


Fenders if in ok shape could sell for 100/120$


Dash parts for about 25$


Bumpers, grill and exterior light lenses for around 80$


That's a possible part out for 525$ not counting the frame an tailgate and truck bed, hood, brakes, rims and tires, diff and all the glass


So offer 250$ to start and pay no mow than 450, who knows you might get lucky and drive away with a truck for 275$

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well went and looked at the truck and it was rough, every body panel had rust in it and no floorboards. the only thing the truck had going for it was the z20 but it was iffy aswell, the heater core had been bypassed with a water hose. the rear end had been patched at some point (horribly), it looked like it had a pile of jb weld slapped on there. so i passed on it

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