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i can haz limozeen?

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oics first

i can haz limozeen lol







so i traded the back half of my 411sss wagon parts car for a motor, the r16 for my sedan. after i cut up the car and loaded it up in the truck me and 2 buddys left for san fran where the motor was, at 11pm. we drove thru the night and got there at 6am saturday morning. got to our destination after a lil sleep in the walmart parking lot at about 830. got all loaded up an were on our way into the city to cruise thru fishermans warf and do some sight seeing. we ended the day with beer in a local bar and then headed home at 6pm saturday. we drove straight home and got back at midnight to unlaod a motor and go to bed. all in all it was a fun trip and i now have a motor for my car.

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You cut up an SSS wagon and delivered it to S.F. for an r16? :huh:


yes, im in socal so it aint that far. and i got some cash also. i had been looking for one for a few weeks and had the parts car listed for a few months. parts car was that itself, a parts car and was so far dissasembled and missing stuff it was prolly getting cut up anyways. ive still got the 411sss sedan that im building. am i gonna get flammed for cutting one up, casue i swear 510 keeper had a back half of a 510 in quite a few pics.

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