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200sx five speed swap into a l20b

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I am building a 71 Datsun 510, this car is in pretty bad shape, I have been working on it every time I get a chance, while I'm not working on the car I am researching and hunting down parts.


So I have been buying parts for months now and here is my idea. I purchased a L20b motor, compression rated it and I thinks it's good to go or at least start with while I improve it's abilities, I just found a good deal on a 200sx 5 speed dogleg tranny,


The l20 will bolt righ onto the l16 mounts, but what do I need to do to get the tranny to mount up correctly? The car has the original l16 and automatic tranny "which is up for grabs" in it so will the new 5 speed bolt up no problem?


Please help, any advice is appreciated

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Yes the dogleg will physically bolt to the L16..................................................

................................ but:


Behind the automatic flex plate is a spacer that fits over the end of the crankshaft. This has to be removed.


You will need to press a pilot bushing into the end of the crankshaft. The very front of the input shaft on the transmission fits and is supported by this bushing.


You will need a 6 bolt flywheel. The majority are 200mm clutch disc contact surface if from a Nissan car and 225mm if from a truck.


You will need a 200mm or 225mm clutch disc and matching pressure plate. Depending on the flywheel you decide on.


A new release bearing... may come with the clutch.


A release bearing retainer, housing or collar. It goes by many names ,and it clips to the clutch arm and has the release bearing pressed onto it. The dogleg may still have it on it. Be sure to replace the used release bearing.


A clutch arm and dust boot.... It may come on the transmission.


A clutch slave cylinder... may also be on the transmission.


A clutch master cylinder.


A hard line and flex line connecting the master to the slave cylinder.


Clutch and brake peddles, springs, bolts and push rod to connect the peddles to the master.


A shifter.... may come on the transmission.


Do not forget to keep and use the metal plate that fits between the flexplate or flywheel and engine and is sandwiched between the motor and the transmission when bolted up.

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Hmm. Well it's the first one I found, I'm more worried about having to do mods to the crossmember or tranny mounts than the price, I want to make sure that this is as close to a straight bolt on swap for a 5speed as I can find.


I will be puttin a L20b with a 1979 200sx dogleg tranny into a 1971 Datsun 510 that has a automatic tranny in it, ive never done this kind of job before and I don't wNt to vet in over my head.


Ps, does anyone have a cherry picker and Saturday off work? Lol I'll buy the beer!

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Well it sounds like this is a good idea, i will need a bunch of parts aside from the tranny to make this work so if you have the nit bits and extra pieces I need let me know.


If I can't find a tranny for a better price by Friday I'll go and get the one I already have in tow this Saturday or Friday.


It's going pretty well, I got floor pans to buy Friday, a intake manifold for my dual 48mm su carbs and the linkage, the tranny Saturday, I already have the motor now, and most of the parts and tools to put it all together except for a cherry picker.


Anyone have this weekend off work and have a cherry picker? Lol I'll buy the food and beer!

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Ok, I need a 6 bolt flywheel, a entire clutch assembly, a pedal assembly, dual su carb intake mani and linkage, l20 wire harness... Send me a parts list of what you have because I probably need it



lol Im always finding stuff I didnt even know I had :lol:



I have the 6 bolt flywheel and the clutch


shouldnt need a new harness for the L20 tho

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Sweet!!!! I won't be able to meet up this weekend, I'm driving to Salem Friday to get floor pans and a intake manifold at z therapy, then Saturday I'll be in Vancouver getting the tranny.


I'm getting close to all the parts I need, and including the car itself I'm still under 1k Totall amount spent.


I love datsun's

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