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I'm back...well sort of. I live in San Francisco going to college busy but miss my 710. Turns out the old man hasn't done a good job of keeping my 710 alive. I went home for thanksgiving and drove the 710 to the limit. Before I left for school if I wanted to shift near redline, it would slowly but surly get up there. Now after I reunited with the car I took her out for a spin. Already warm, I punched it...sounded like wasps where ready to fly out at around 3,000rpms. speed, <20mph! The car took a major shit on the on ramp. I think it was the greatest/ worst backfire EVER! A thick cloud of black smoke was building up in the exhaust. with it, my car spit out spider webs, gas and the intoxicating smell of burned oil. The sound was so loud the car in front me literally slammed on the brakes. So after the motor gather itself, I gave it another go by downshifting into 3rd and held the motor around 4,000rpms. Now, exhausted the car somehow mustered up the energy to continue pitter pattering away on the 405 heading nowhere. After a some what circuit run, I went back home. Pops was outside and could smell the oil burning from a block away. He couldn't help but laugh because not only was the motor burning hot, I was idling along around 3,000 rpms! I turned her off and gave it another go later at night when the evening was colder. I did this routine 4-5 times. It wasn't until the last time I drove her that hinted me that the abuse I was giving her actually was somehow helping. I was coming home from my girlfriends house when I learned of the power that the L motor could have. I was motoring along and this asshole was driving without his lights on. My weak lights could barely make out that the object in front of me was in fact a car. He suddenly braked and made a slow right. SO slow I had to make a complete stop from doing around 50mph. My car brakes work, very well. We dipped down hella hard but stopped. Angrily I revved the motor to around 4,000rpms, and basically popped the clutch. I have done this before and the most I ever got were a few cries and a little smirk. This time, I had a fucking grin! My little 710, somehow whether it be the motor, the carbs or the temperature or good luck, SCREAMED for traction. My cars rear slipped and wobbled and shook the cabin. The tiny screech turned into a roar literally overnight! Tiny skid marks covered the virgin streets and I was shocked. Utterly shocked. I explained the whole situation to my dad and his response. "Hmm, maybe I'll drive the car to work more often." I was proud of my little creation and of course, want more power. I did a search on the car. Last rebuild...NEVER. The car is 36 years old and I'm the second owner. We are close friends to the first owner and is wanting to see his little red 710. It does have the Weber side-draft carbs but those aren't what you would called properly tuned. It does have better than stock headers, and 2.5 exhaust system to a silenced DC sports muffler. (trust me it doesn't sound riced out). In fact it reminds my dad of his old Austin Healley and when it would idle around 1,000rpms it sounds like a Harley. I figure that when I do rebuild I would like to do it professionally. I don't have the tools or the actual hands on ability I would like. I figure if done right, I can really squeeze a lot of juice out of the motor. I talked to a friend who would do a rebuild professionally and guarantees 150 horsepower. It is a "low mileage car" but I would need to upgrade the whole car before we add some serious power. I guess this project will be a long way from now, I just figured I might reintroduce myself into the ratsun community with an update and a story.

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Where ya bin?

Honestly the whole issue of surgery on my knee killed me and I was depressed. I was suppose to go to Rice University on a full ride for baseball as a Catcher. That got deined as soon as they found out about my injury and all the other schools followed suite. So for a while I wasn't doing much of anything. Then the preperation to actually go to college killed my time and on top of that, I had forgotten my password! I've been out for a while but hey, I'm back.

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Pic's?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :D

not quite, but I know some of the other members have some pics that i dont. I can however find a video from school for a science project. As long as it sounded like I knew what I was talking about, I would get an A. But I didnt get a good grade for revving at redline during class session. :P





I take that back, this video does make the car sound riceish. But I can assure you, in person its sounds very different and with the silencer now added it actually sounds better. :)

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i think you left before my accedent

no i if my memory serves me right, you lost the yellow 610 i think...im sure it was yellow! it really hurts when you loose a car that you invest all of your time and money into. I nearly cried when i was 5 and lost my bug i never got to drive. :( o well i have my 710 now and happy as hell. ;)

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no i if my memory serves me right, you lost the yellow 610 i think...im sure it was yellow! it really hurts when you loose a car that you invest all of your time and money into. I nearly cried when i was 5 and lost my bug i never got to drive. :( o well i have my 710 now and happy as hell. ;)


check out my new one

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