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Cowl drain holes


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Could someone please explain or show in a picture where the water that gets into the cowl drains out at? I still have a water leak coming in under the dash. :angry: It is coming in where the cowl seam is on both the passeger and driver sides. I saw mention of drain holes getting plugged up, but I don't know where these holes are to check. I will have to get in there somehow to seal it up from inside the cowl too. Hopefully it isn't too rusty in there but I ain't holding my breath. :unsure:


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Caught mine red handed. Looked under the dash on a wet day and could see it dripping. I don't think the windshield seal is leaking. Now the back window is for sure. Just took a look at the FSM, and it appears the cowl panel is not removable. :angry: Oh well. :angry: The wiper linkage is inside the car under the dash. I guess I'll have to work through the cowel vent panels to seal it up after I clean out the drains.



Mine was collecting puddles in the rain too. That is why I had to fix a rusty floor (see my project post in my sig). I want to put some carpet in after I POR15 the floor, but I want the leak stopped first. I don't have a garage so I had to buy a cover.

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I have my fenders off ATM (OK, still), if you want I can post up some pics this weekend. And I am curious....did you find leaking towards the center or towards the outside?


Just went down to see if I could snap a pic but the car is parked in the dark side (luke) of the garage. There is a hole where the hoodledge meets the "A" pillar that appears to be a drain hole.




Edit: Went back and read the first post "cowl seam"....close to the windshield?

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Here are a few photos of the drain holes from the corner of the windshield and out of the car just forward of the "A" pillar.


I cut the cowl open- bent up tab in the upper right in the drain hole. The water flows down to triangle opening. The amount of rust around the wiper pivot hole seems likely place for leakage!


Into this baffled area (baffle cut and bent out of the way)


Bottom view of triangle into baffled area.


Drain hole under baffle plates- "A" pillar to the right of the drain hole.


Hope this helps, with so much wet debris thought there would be more rust in drain hole area.MORE PICS.

Baffle removed.




Even thougth seam sealer is failing-if drain holes were plugged it would take more than 1/2 of standing water to leak into the seams.


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WOW! That is going above and beyond to answer a question! Thanks Morrison :)


So to get at the triangle opening I have to work through the cowl vents after removing the scoops and louver panels right?


I will have to look under my dash to see where the seam is that I saw the leaks coming through. It wasn't near the wiper pivot on mine, at this point I think it is just to the left of the triangle opening in the second shot.


So the third and fourth pic are below the triagle opening it appears? I can't figure where the last on is at though. Somewhere below the triangle hole? The water drains through the triangle hole then the out the hole in the last pic then out the bottom of the fenderwell?


Thanks again that is awesome!

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Mine sat in a field for 20+ years before I got it. There wasn't much debris, just years of dust that has eventually turned into a concrete-like substance. I pulled the scoops/grilles and dug out what I could by hand. After that I used a spray nozzle on my garden hose and blasted toward the drain holes. It took probably an hour to finally flush everything out but once cleared it has been draining fine and is leak free 5 years later.

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Hope this helps, with so much wet debris thought there would be more rust in drain hole area.MORE PICS.

Baffle removed.



not visible with the fender on, but its the 'bump' that runs along (just below) the fender attachemnt. see above cut as a cross section.

its a seperate double panel, also visible form the bay side, which is where the hood release cable is routed.


normally nothing would collect drain here, but a clogged cowl and/or 10# of dirt (my cause, from off roading) does allow it to.

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Thanks other Kelly!


That is actually very helpful. It shows very well where the holes are. It looks like they are a little fun to get at with the fender on. I guess I will have to get out the floor jack and jack stands soon. Those along with Morrisons pics clarified very well where the water is supposed to go.


Thanks guys!


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Just remember if your fenders aint been off in a while, use a lot of PBblaster or some kind of penetrant....I broke off all 4 bolts that hold the fender to the top rail cuz I was in too much of a hurry....lesson learnt.


Yea, Morrisuns pics were heavy duty. I would be a little (ok really) scared to cut a car up like that.

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These are some pics of Albino Smurfs firewall


Hood release cable corner.


The failure of the seam sealer allowed the water to run both inside the firewall and outside.


The firewall, bottom of the cowl and the top of the cowl are all spot welded together here at the top of the firewall on the engine bay side.



Cracks in the seam sealer...


Driver side floor or what's left of it.



Inside firewall.



The wiper motor side of cowl/firewall



Should be fun getting the old seam sealer out..This car sat in the same place for 11 years with the front of the car pointing down hill, the cowl drains were clear!

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