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  1. So I drove my coupe over a curb the other day. It bet the castor rod mount and popped some of the rusty fender out. I decided that before I did too much more I was going to see just how much rust I was working with. Put a wire wheel in the drill and went at it. I don't like what I found. I cannot believe what some people do to sell a car. The area behind the passenger rear tire rusted through two layers. The one who painted this car orange bondoed over so much rust it ain't funny. I found some 3/4" thick in the rear panel. I finally found a rear panel, but with all the rest of this rust I've d
  2. The heater valve is available on eBay from Bprojects out of Japan. Just checked and they are still on there. Sorry I can't copy a link from the app it seems. NLA from the dealers I tried. It is expensive at $79.00, but is the correct part and requires no mods. You might be able to rig something else, but... I
  3. I'm running 185/60 14s on 14x6 +11 Appliance meshies. Plenty of room in the rear. Mine also has 1" lowering blocks. I would say 195s would fit fine in the rear. Fronts rub on mine, but I just did the brake swap that pushes the wheels out a touch.
  4. I think it would be better to look at the original thread: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/24226-1200-brake-upgrade-mklotz70/page-1 But if it is easier, here is the short list: 82-83 280ZX rear rotors 84 Pulsar NX 1.6L front calipers and hoses Bracket kit from mklotz or Morrison here on ratsun Banjo bolts (m10x1.0x20.3 long) If your ute uses the same struts and rotors as our older US spec cars it should work for you. If not then I don't know. I did have to modify the clips that hold the brake hoses a bit. Sorry no pics of that but it is pretty easy to do once you see the
  5. Over the Christmas break I also did the brake upgrade that Morrison and mklotz put together. My front passenger side caliper was dragging and I needed new rotors anyway. I purchased the brackets, hardware and wheel studs from Morrison.. I sourced the Pulsar calipers, Pulsar brake hoses and 280zx rear rotors from rockauto, I forgot I needed wheel bearing seals so got those locally but could have saved 12 bucks on rockauto. One other thing I did not find on rockauto was the banjo bolts for the hoses, so I got those locally as well. All told I spent $211 on all the parts. Here's all the stuff:
  6. I have not posted in a LONG time. I have been commuting in my coupe for several months now. It has been a 50 mile drive (one way). In a couple weeks that will change. 75% of this commute is on freeways at 65 MPH. I bought a 60A five speed from morrison on here and put that in a month or so back. Had a bit of confusion on the throw out bearing that caused some fits but got it done. Put a plug in the backup light switch hole. Had an old drain plug that fit. I ended up grinding it down quite a ways for clearance. When I did that I also added two flats so I could put a wrench on it. Worked great.
  7. I know this is difficult with the MC in stock location. Been searching on datsun1200.com for some. Searching all the pics there is a pain! I know an engine swap is better for more power, but I ain't gonna get rid of the A series for weight reasons. I plan on an A14 or A15 with the usual mods, bolted up to my 5 speed. Want to try some auto cross at some point. Anyway, someone has to have done it, just can't find pics to see what was done with the brakes. Anyone point me to some?
  8. Thanks for all the thoughts. It will not come out of gearr running or not. Clutch does disengage fine. Had to slip it a lot to get home. I had a clutch facing explode in a Toyota pickup I had swapped a dual cam dual carb 18RG in once. That one happened when I shifted into second, went to hit third and all the clucth material came apart and jammed the pressure plate. Wouldn't engage after that. Thi one is internal for sure. I found a local with a 63A five speed I can get for 350. Problem is the clutch fork exits on the passenger side. I think I could do a longer hose for that, but from wha
  9. On my way home today my trans got stuck in 4th gear. Can't get it out at all. If I try to force it it feels like something is rubbing on something else not Turing the same speed. Hard to describe. I'm guessing a synchro is gone. It's a stock four speed with who knows how many miles. I want a five speed but right now I'm feeling like selling it I'm so frustrated. Anyone had this happen? What did you do? What suggestions are out there? UGH
  10. Found me a 14x5 steel wheel at a yard today. Think it is a Toyota Celica, but might be a Pinto/Mustang II. I think I'm going to try and put a temporary spare on it. That would fit for sure. Otherwise the smallest 14 I see is a 165 and would be a touch too wide I think. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  11. I recently moved from Utah to Houston, Texas after graduating from BYU. I am working in a rotational program in the oil and gas industry. My first rotation is a 50 mile one way commute. I have been driving my coupe a couple days a week to save on gas, even though it is hot an humid this time of year. Actually I think about selling this thing and buying a newer car with AC, but I don't think I will. Anyway, on my way home this evening I turned a corner and the shifter got all sloppy and would not go into gear. Rah roh. Got off the road and pulled the shift boot and discovered the pin that h
  12. I actually don't have any old wheels. The wheels on the car were on it when I bought it. I just need to find a narrow 14" steel wheel. I see that there are 14" temporary spares that would fit the trunk well, but mot of the rims are too offset
  13. dozenhundred

    Spare tire

    Since I drive my coupe 50 miles one way to work now, I figured it would be smart to find a spare wheel and tire. I have 14x6 Appliance mesh wheels with 185/60-14's on the car, and since my plan is to upgrade the brakes at some point, I think it would be wise to stay with 14" wheels or bigger. Just wondering what others are using? I don't think what I'm running will fit in the spare well, but have not tried. Seems I will need something similar in size to the tiny stockers to fit in the well. Anyone tried a space saver out of a z? Any suggestions on a 14" donor wheel?
  14. I created my Ratsun account several years ago when I lived in Tucson Arizona, and have since lived in Utah and recently moved to Texas. Obviously my Tucson12 name is misleading and I would like to change it. Can I do this somehow without starting a new account? Maybe a mod can help with this? Anyone know? Thanks all,
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