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KA24E headgasket failure


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After last months Inland Empire meet the truck spits out water from the overflow hose. I noticed it when I got there and also the next day there was a puddle of coolant under my truck. After putting more water in the radiator and letting it iddle (occasion blip the throttle) I noticed it would start foaming. Immidiately I suspected the head gasket.




Now for some history on this block. I found out that when I purchased the motor it had a fresh headgasket (not sure on the make) and they reused the head bolts.


Now for disassembly.











Some unknown stains on the cylinders 2 and 3.





To me it seems like some compression was getting into the water jacket thru the head gasket... any one have any input on this?

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The simplest answer is usually the best. If the gasket was previously changed, maybe there was a reason. Perhaps the head is warped slightly. I'd check that with a straight edge first as the head is off anyway and it doesn't cost anything.




Very carefully check both sides of the metal 'fire ring' that protects the gasket. If compression was leaking out it may be burned or discolored at that point.





If I had to suggest an area to look for a gasket failurs I would say the #1 cylinder in the picture above. Look in the 8 o'clock area by the bottom intake valve. It seems very clean here compared to the other cylinders. Steam and anti freeze will remove carbon like nothing else.


Clean the block and head surfaces very carefully. You have to if you are keeping it anyway. Now look for cracks around the tops of the cylinders on the block and around the combustion chamber on the head.


If the head is flat without any warpage, if there are no visible cracks I don't see any reason for not putting it back on with a quality gasket.


Be sure to clean those head bolt threads thoroughly and lightly oil them. Likewise, clean the block bolt hole threads. Make sure because it's hard to see down there, don't assume there isn't any debris or old gasket packed in there from the last gasket change.


Use a torque wrench and tighten in three stages and correct order. Put a drop of oil under each bolt head on the steel washer. Clean lightly oiled threads and washer will assure that you get maximum clamping force out of your final torque setting.


Yes you can re-use your old bolts if they aren't damaged or eroded.


No, do not use gasket dressings. This isn't the 50s.


Yes after 5-10 full warm ups and cool downs. Check the head bolt torque on a cold motor.


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You are in a post about KA head gasket replacement.


You should start your own post rather than be asking questions in other peoples. This way ALL answers are directed at you and not the person that started the thread.


Nissan dealer has them probably $75

NAPA are about $20 Felpro brand.

Rock Auto



If you or friend doing this, find out about the timing chain tensioner and how to block it so it doesn't fall out when removing the head.

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