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2010 Formula D camaro first start ... hey whats that parked next to it?

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I don't think the Camaro looks as retro as the Mustang or the new Challenger. I'm a Dodge Boy and I want a Challenger. They are sweeeeeet!

The 6.1L SRT motors are sick! I'm surprised nobody has stuffed one in a Z yet, I mean the LS3 has already been done. By far my favorite current pushrod V8. Though I do think it's funny that the HEMI isn't even a hemi.

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Looks like your dime sittin there. I kinda like the blue 240 sittin on the other side. What shop was that?


I think I got your question right?



The shop is called Blu808 its run by a good friend of mine Luke here in Campbell Ca. you will find me there most days after my day job .. The Camero was built for Conrad Grunewald To compete in Formula D. It went to Sema this year and took home the GM performance part of the year award. Its Running the New GM performance supercharged LSA crate engine. There is tons of info on the car if you google it.


The other Car in the background is a twin turbo rb26dett powered 260z (I can snap some pics of it and post em up .. its really impressive work) and the 240sx on the right is Lukes Own turbo ls1 powered drift car... And yes thats my dime .. the wiring in my car was a disaster so we pulled every wire out and are just finishing up completely rewiring the motor and chassis and switching the car over to run AEM's standalone ECU.


Its definetly a fun shop to kick it at ..


If anyone in the bay area needs custom Fab work done shoot me a PM and I can hook you up with luke... Blu808 can do it all from Roll Cages to complete swaps and one off fab work.


Check out the camero during a Dyno pull in this video while tuning ... straight up machine gun fire at redline. pretty badass


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