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I Molested My Datto last light


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So last night I got bored, and desided i was tired of guessing what RPM im at and wanted to keep an eye on the oil and what not. So i was really against doing aything to the dash other then stock (thus why i mounted my radio in the glove). But in the end i just could not help my self..I had some guages from the Vw days and I went to town, as usual i did nto take any pics of the process. but heres some pics hope you enjoy..








also built my own map light




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wouldnt be stealing....



thats why we are all here to give others ideas.. hell if some one makes their dash like mine im not going to cry and say you copyed me.


hell i took the gauge idea from some one else (seen about 4 or 5 dattos with gauges in the radio area) and im sure im not the first to do the radio in the glove..

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