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Datsun 710 parts for sale

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I bought it as a parts car as I am restoring a 710 race car Vin #000026 which started life in Bob Bondurants Driving School at Sears Point and has never been registered as a street car. Besides multiple brackets, hardware etc I have used hood, trunk lid, and am keeping front fenders.


I will check out clock. Willing to ship small items, if it's worth while.



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Not enough left of car to "bring it back to life" Hood, trunk, front fenders, tail lights, driveline have all been used. Bumpers are gone


Send me a pm for pictures of anything. Can't seem to get them loaded here. stevepharr@cox.net

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somebody bought the whole damn car :fu: ... i wonder if they're going to "bring it back to life?"

Oh, say it isn't so...


Et tu, Burabuda...?

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