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Was Just in another Earthquake!!

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muahahah Us folk in sacramento luck out! I think in my whole life I've felt like..... the after shock of one quake. I was really little, in the bathroom at my daycare and the soap and pictures shook on the walls. thats all i remember. either way, let's hope that those are the only ones to come for you guys!

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Yeah im the same way ... this little shakers dont bother me much at all. The only real quake Ive been in was the Loma Prieta quake back in 89 and I happened to be in the santa cruz mountains at the time within 10 miles of the epicenter.... now that was a shaker. I just wonder if all these little quakes are leading up to a biggen. The weird thing is I get real light headed just before and during an earthquake whenever im in one its the weirdest thing, like i got spider man sences or something :lol:

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I didn't feel any shaking way up here and didn't here about it yet on the radio news, either. Yes, you Californians (and us too) are gonna get "the big one" one of these days. I was living in Pittsburg, CA during the Loma Prieta Quake. That was a serious shaker!



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Yeah I felt it while at work. I work with a lot of East coast transplants so they were all a little freaked out. Saying it lasted a long time...please. It wasn't a big deal...yeah I remember that 89 quake, that was a major compared to any of these little itty bitty ones. My wife is from the East coast to so the first one she felt was a few years ago and was freaked out, but it does serve a good reminder we live in earthquake country and to be prepared for a major one. I just hope my carport structure won't collapse on my 510!!!

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