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Little minibike riding today

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You would not think a Lawn mower engine would rip up a 50 cc bike like yours even the 110cc and 125cc mod'd, but they do. But ours dont do super good with jumps. Most of these will do a full out sprint at 65-70 mph in 1/8 mile. Some running alcohol. Almost all is flat track 1/5 mile.

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My shit don't run to bad. When we where camping it was throwing rooster tails 12 feet high.


This bike has all Powroll performance parts. its fucked up alot of my ignorant friends. I warned them it was fast. :D


I got tired of dirt. Here is what it looks like now. I stunt the thing till I get my big bike.


not pictured but,it has stunt pegs on it now.



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Quick Poll, who here owns a MINI bike? And I mean a real mini bike, with a lawn mower type 4 stroke and a tube frame with no or little suspension?


I have one in parts and hope to buy me an engine soon to get it going for a pit bike at the drags!



Harbor Freight has the 6.5hp honda clone motors from $100-$130, depending on sales for the week, Then get a 15% off or if your lucky a 25% off. Cheap engine and you can get them up to 15hp before the block becomes an issue. Of course its about $300 in modifications but if you are into it. It's the only way to do it on the cheap.




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