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Garage Get!


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yeah... Radio got a garage... now its Blake's Turn... gonna be a bit more tricky than his...



first off.. asked the lady friend to help... shed rather clean the kitchen



heres Dahlia.. its kinda blizzarding out



now then.. onto the garage










and then a bunch of datsun stuff



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hey you selling those all red 521 tails? and everyones garage looks like that one time or another.... christams is here im sure in a week the pics will be filled with used wrapping paper and box's. i know my wife turned my boat in to a wrapping station....i just hope when i take the cover off theres no gouges in the deck...

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Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery




heck yeah. my garage has been storage for unwanted junk for too long.. saw your thread and it got me motivated to clean her out.. so i thought id post pics of my progress


and to everyone else. if you see something you want out of here. give me a holler.

il probably give away anything in there. so far ive got like 3 weight benches, 3 matresses. 4-5 chairs. a 5 spd for dahlia. anyone want the 4 spd when i take it out? you may have seen that cam in there.. i got a white topper i can take pics of. and i got 8 rims for the truck. a bunch of miscelanious junk in there too. il take more pics when i get home.

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Guest kamakazi620

Are you sayin' you've had a garage this WHOLE time?!?!?!?!?! WTF? If i was u i'd have a project car in there and goodwill would have a bunch of junk to sell,For me so far-mom and dads garage is takin'over by my '64 impala and i have to move grannies new yorker to use her garage!!

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alright... did some more cleaning today


wasnt too cold so i got to work



cleaned up the bench area a bit



found a table. split it up.. mocked it up againts the wall.. fixtured one of them against the wall and set up a pro tool bench.









found an old headboard.. so i took the lights out of it and im burning the rest.



moved a bunhc of mattresses and junk and got alot done




also.. i kinda dont have a place to throw all this stuff nor can i afford a dumpster.. so i need your help


anything wood n burnable. will be lit on fire and we will celebrate the warmth with beers and joy.


anything else i either have to somehow get rid of.. or USE IT.. so what i was thinking if you spot anything i could partially use in a mcguyver sort of way in my new garage. give a shout. heres a short list of items i could possibly find a use for:

a sink

a toilet

4 cozy ugly smelly chairs


lots of metal on these and i do have a welder:

2 weight benches. lots of weights.

a broken old futon


bedframes. both wood and metal


flourescent lighting fixtures(around 5-7 of them.. there very large can bee seen in the first garage picture on the right.. there white)

4 nice condition berlinetta camaro hubcaps

lots of thick white electrician wires

old 70s vacuum.

a fridge- can be used for storage

a wheelchair

carpet insulation

an air conditioner

a small underground pond base. the part where you put in the ground and fill with water

lotsa kitchen chairs.. mostly metal.

and anything else you see in the pics


so there you go... give me a hand?

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Do you have a water connection for the sink you have? Cause a sink would be super handy. Also I laughed so hard at the little tikes edition workbench! Thats what we all need! With any extra stuff you have Fire up Dahlia today and shovel the snow out of the bed, and make a run to the dump, it costs 5$ a load here, should be similar...and much cheaper than a dumpster




ps if i'm ever in MN i'd give you a hand organizing if you want!

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rad!!! I was wishing you'd post something like that! Good times!



as for the random stuff, i think it'll all burn. metal and matresses just take afew good fires lol. Sit on the comfy smelly chairs around the fire till it dies down or you get liquored then toss them in. Instant hit with any of your buddies. hook up as many of those light fixtures as you can. you can never have too much light in a shop!

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BUUUURRRRRNNNNNNN. so my buddy joe came by. we took alot of burnable. including the headboard...and a chair. and we had a good old bonfire. got alot cleaned out and had some shenanigans on the way.

the chairs were no good and moldy and gross... so we made keystone seat covers!







the headboard was pretty thick wood.... and we didnt have a saw handy

but what we did have, was a keg, an anvil, a katana, and a dream.





the rest? il just let you figure out








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