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  1. Thebandito

    LED Gauge Cluster

    its a 71 521 i dont wanna break the plastic trim -_- lol
  2. Thebandito

    LED Gauge Cluster

    soo without breakin the cluster how to remove i know there is two screws on the bottom but wheres the rest?
  3. Thebandito

    L20b+4 speed?

    So im tryin to figure this out im using the fly wheel that is required by the motor the clutch is for the tranny but where can i get a throw out bearing? i cant find them online Engine works fine but i cant get it to shift wont engage
  4. Thebandito


    how much for the door locks and the emblem? email me the prices v3ctorman2@gmail.com
  5. Thebandito

    SOLD- 71 240Z Shell in socal

    dam i wish i culd get this but i cant spread money to far xD
  6. Thebandito

    521 Steering wheel

    sorry i havent been on in a while to busy with work i was jst lookin for something that i can remove i need to mod the wheel closer to the dash i saw a couple stock ones in the junkyard but i want something i can take with me where i work is shaddyy
  7. Thebandito

    521 Steering wheel

    Okay so in my datsun 71 521 pick up i want to change my steering wheel because the one i have is like really small and i dont like it when turning plus it slippery (carbon fibor) is there any hubs i can switch it out
  8. Thebandito

    Selling random parts

    yeah and? some are nissan parts other than that am just selling stuff around that i need gone
  9. Thebandito

    Selling random parts

    Okay so am selling a bunch of stuff cuz its taking a lot of space up really dont wanna toss most stuff LOCAL PEOPLE GET FIRST DIBS Still sellin these dam stock rims 15s INFINITI G20T CHROME RIMs WITH NEW TIRES 300$ DISMOUNTED send offer Stock springs 20$ first person to come get them stock grill 30$ first person to get it Stock 96 Steering wheel comes with airbag and clock work and cruise control buttons ALMOST MINT only 70$ AND FOR THE MISC ahha bmw Master windows switch only missin one button it came off my dads bmw 528i 1998 60$obo got bmw rims as well almost mint all of them 900$ honda CIVIC OEM TAIL lights 1998 2dr 35$ Integra gauge 1996 196k miles 20$ took it off cuz i had a type r one TWO spare KENWOOD SUBWOOFERS $250 EACH $400 for BOTH http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/2415571004.html PICS are there but g20 gets cheaper hahah dont care JUST need moneeyy :bandit: if any more questions hit me up pm me um other than that free game
  10. Thebandito

    My G20 Infiniti

    the neons are nice when they dont dim cuz of the subwoofer hahahahaha Haha i have the stock alloy rims layin in the garage im sellin them but at 300$ cuz they have brand new tires i can dismount them and sell them cheaper they are chromed they r nice i loved em but makes my ride to low
  11. Thebandito

    My G20 Infiniti

    lol dude i dont even know what i was thinkin when i put them on but once in a while people will actually compliment and with a serious face lol
  12. Thebandito

    My G20 Infiniti

    OK so i have been awhile for LONG TIME been busy with this thing more than the datsun cuz this is my daily to work and back i work at oakley so its pretty far from where i live (OAKLEY SUNGLASSES) for those who dont know anyways here are some pics Iv gone ricerrr haha nissan family till death even if i buy a new car (buyin tsx) I try to take the lil datsun for spins but am currently having problems with the transmision i dont mind i need to get to work and back right now
  13. Thebandito

    My G20 Infiniti

    that was a mistake about woo mistake usually means way of expressin happiness xD
  14. Thebandito

    My G20 Infiniti

    I bought a 2000 G20T infiniti when i bought it cost me 2G it was keyed every were had messed up door and it came on a flat wooo then like 5 days after my Birthday i crashed it. Currently still crashed but doing body work on it almost there Paint was brand new. well enough talkin heres some pics of it before and after. First day =D After cleaning some of the trash from car accident Currently after fixing the damage some of it... Some misc stuff am doing to it New FEnder xD Btw try to spot whats in the background of my car xD sorry if pics to big
  15. Thebandito

    Need some help...

    omg if thats right then am gonna be mad at my dad lol he installed it and the clutch slave is brand new same with the clutch they were brand new god dam STick shift why bring me problems my g20 doesnt >.< yet..

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