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  1. you still have your datsun? whats with the lack of being on ratsun???

  2. whats going on with your truck? havnt seen much posts on it

  3. shes doin good. Idle is still out of whack

  4. yeah this thread blows.. but hey... if you ever come back... il take that benz. 2 is not enough for me lolol
  5. pretty sure there 14s. whatever was stock. and yeah il leave the tires on the ones... but for now its mixmatched rims but you could fit the tires to wichever ones you want. if you were so inclined. but yeah. got a zip so i can see about shipping? or do you wanna meet up with a long ass drive? lol. how much do you think 8 wheels, 4 tires, and 8 dogdishes weigh?
  6. i got 2 different sets. all with the dogbowls. the ones on the front are slotted. while the ones on the back arent.. i think you can see em both here. are you two lookin to trade for both sets or just one? because if either of you want both that means id have to choose... and both of the rims you posted look awesome do yours come with tires?
  7. 3 inch block of wood + duct tape. fully customizable.
  8. i only see one yellow light haha on a related note.. i just acquired 2 mercs. a 280SEL, and a 380SE pictured here.
  9. BlakeZula


    yeah yeah im starting my own thread about my own truck. lets get off to a good start its time to get her clean. lets do this.
  10. i will give you 2 sets of stock rims, with the dog dishes. for your neat lookin rims. basically post some pics of wheels you wanna get rid of. il handle shipping. dont worry.
  11. well for now il just keep loving your thread.
  12. its when i see threads about people doing super techincal stuff like riping out the entire engine. pulling everything off and redoing the frame and all that... gets me down becaus ei lack the skills and knowledge necesary to do these things.. but your thread is like: I DUN RIPPED OUT THE CUPHOLDER FROM A VAN AND BOLTED IT IN. stuff like that gets me going.
  13. green paint.... BRILLIANT i might bite your style and paint mine. lol seriously one of the coolest things i have ever seen
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