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mazda engine into datto

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I'm kinda in debate on this.. the SR20 fits into my roadster with some cutting... but the 13B rotary doesn't need much if any cutting... I'm stuck on my loyalty to keeping the car all Nissan and then going for a powerful and fits without much trouble engine... Plus haven't seen anyone install a 13B turbo into a Datsun Roadster yet.


I'll be honest too, if I didn't have this roadster (my fav datto) I'd have got a first gen RX-7.. But I can't say no to the Fairlady and this isn't a show car.. Its a drive it tell the wheels fall off and make sure miatas can't pass me car.



I considered all kinds of engines lol RB series, L seires, KA24, and various GM motors.. The one I keep falling back to is the rotary as I've worked on them some and know what to expect power wise with one as well... I'd have had this car finished ages ago but I'm like a kid in a candy shop and just can't decide on the motor 100% now that the R16 shows it needs rebuilt.

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If you're more familiar with the rotary than the offerings from Nissan then maybe you should go with it. Plus the rarity.


I'd say they sit on about equal ground on knowledge, its mostly just I cant get over the keep it nissan feeling. lol I guess a rotary would be better then sticking like a small block chevy into the car... I can at least make a turn with the 13B turbo lol

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That sounds like a really cool swap to me. Plus you can rev that sucker to 9K.

I just don't care for the loud ass rotarys. but with a turbo I guess it would be a little better. Do it. :D

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I'm not one for cross pollination, but there are a few exceptions I like. Like an LSx in a FD, I'm a Mazda and Nissan guy so putting a mazda motor in my dime is combining my Mazda and Nissan gayness. I'm actually considered trying to get the 2.3l DISI motor to put in my dime, just need to find a transmission for it.

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we're swapping a 12a rotary into a 68 roadster now, the issue we're having is clearance on the right side for the exhaust to come out. If you're good with a tig welder and have some tight bends, it's ok, but no stock or stock based header or manifold will fit, unless you sit the engine up above the frame rails. be prepared to do some cutting and welding of the frame, because rotary exhaust is incredibly hot, and you'll need some clearance and heat shielding. The making of mounts and crossmembers is cake, and if you use a carb'ed rotary, then installation is a snap. plus, the rotary has the exhaust on the opposite side, so beware...

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