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Ratsun Style Throttle Cable (about $12)

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I know I could buy a Lokar type cable for $30, but sometimes I can't help wanting to tinker with stuff. So far this cable setup has worked well. It still needs some work. I'd like to setup a better retun spring. I might change a few other things.


I don't recommend anyone copy what I've done, I just thought it might be entertaining to some. Your probably money ahead to buy a store bought cable.


Here is what I used (prices are approx.):


  • 1/16" Stainless cable (I actually think 1/16"galvanized with vinyl coating would be better and cheaper) $2
  • cable crimp fittings $2
  • 2 3/16" union compression fittings $2 each
  • 2' or 3' 3/16" nylon tubing $1
  • 1/4" (?) black shrink tubing $? (optional)
  • 2 3/8" Fine Thread Nuts $.50
  • 2 Cable Stops $2
  • Scrap aluminum to make a bracket


I think that's about it. I put heat shrink tube around the outside to make it black, and protect it a little better. I didn't have it secured at first, and found it laying on the exhaust manifold. It didn't seem to bother it. You can see what I did from the pictures. I hadn't finished the firewall connection yet when I took these though. I also squirted a bunch of lithium grease into the tubing before inserting the cable. It works amazingly well.




















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Well you never know. I'd be worried the cable will wear into the plastic sheath and soft brass. Have you thought of using a bicycle hand brake cable trimmed down? It has a metal wound core for the cable to slide in.


Man I wish I'd heard of this back in '79. My battery fell over in my 521 and the pos. touched the body. Current flowed down the throttle cable to the grounded block and melted it. Hardened solid and would only idle.

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Yeah, I think the brass fitting will eventually wear. I've seen cable housings with nylon liners before that lasted quite a while (I grew up working around farm equipment), but they will probaly wear out too. The grease was kind of an after thought to help it last longer:). I think galvanized cable with the plastic coating would slide better on the nylon, especially with some grease in there.


I'm actually kind of thinking along the same lines as your bicycle cable idea. After I did this, I came across some dirt bike throttle cables for really cheap ($4), so I ordered a couple to experiment with. They just showed up in the mail today. I think they are perfect. I'll post an update after I have time to play with them.

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you can find these with a nylon/teflon coated cable for even longer wear.


I didn't think of looking for cables with different coatings. I just looked, and found Nylon coated aircraft cable. It's cheap too. Good idea.


I've done this with my vdub already, it was so much better then buying the throttle cable kits.


Did you use a motorcycle cable or something else?



Here is a pic of the motorcycle cable I got. I think this is what I'll end up using. For $4, I don't think it gets much cheaper or easier. The length looks like it is just right. The shield is 27.5" (including the threaded end), and the cable is 32.5"



btw, I got the cable here: http://www.ahpminis.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=847

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I had a few minutes to check out the new motorcycle cable I got, so here's a quick update. I tried putting one of the compression fittings on the end of the cable shield to make my homemade firewall fitting. It looks like it will work. Next I'll see if I can find some nylon coated cable. I also put some heat shrink on just to make it black.


Here is a comparison of the cable end as I got it, and with the compression fitting.



And with some shrink tubing.




Here are some pictures of the first cable installed. I still have not gotten the parts I want to install the second version. I also need to figure out a nice return spring setup.





Unfortunately, I had to offset the fitting in the adapter plate I made. I'll make some changes on the next one so that it can be centered to look nicer.


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Hmm... I didn't know you could still order those, but I just tried that number at nissanparts.cc, and they say they have it. That's good to know. I guess I should check stuff like that first.


Oh well. I think I'll still use it (the bike cable, not the nylon tubing). It's actually a little heavier duty than the cable on my 521.

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