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Does anyone know what clutch goes with this flywheel?


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From what I've heard it's a Nismo RB flywheel. I don't know if it's true so I figured I would ask. Maybe someone has a link to a sight that sells the same flywheel. I want to pick up a clutch for it and use it with my LZ22.









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Geez. Is it the same diameter so the starter will work on it?? Is the starter ring at the same offset so the starter will reach it?? Measure the clutch contact diameter for the size... looks big like 240mm. And thin!!! 4 1/2 lbs?



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I think everything will work out fine offset and gear wise. I will double check before I order the clutch. I just want to know it I can actually get a clutch before I spend the extra time.

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I think this one is chromoly, my guess is 14lbs or so. I haven't tried fitting any clutches we have laying around because I'm worried about the step. I'm also not sure if I removed it if removing that much mass would make it weak.

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Clutch isn't gonna be the problem, it's the pressure plate that's gonna be a bear. I'd find the RB pressure plate, assuming that it's the same spacing as a stock RB, and the thickness of the clutch plate. If it's the same thickness, then you just match diameter and use whatever clutch plate meets both measurements.


Well, clutch COULD be a problem if there isn't one that fits the RB pressure plate and has the right number of splines for the input shaft, but I think they're the same.

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I think your right Doug I should be able to find any random disk as long as it's the right diameter and spines. I just don't want the pressure plat pressing with a million pounds of force if it isn't designed for the step. I do have huge muscles so I don't want to make them bigger.

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