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Project "Jonesin" LongBed work Truck

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I could not help myself!:eek: I was down to one Datsun after selling my KC to my bro and I really wanted a 510 wagoon. Then I saw this and it was rite down the road from me:D:cool: Its a super str8 77 LongBed. I like the longBed for a work truck. I was really Jonsein for another datto project and could not hold out for the ever-elusive 510 wagoon:mad: and the price was rite:D


The plans are to do the brakes (none whatsoever:eek:)


New rims and tires ( some sort of cheap mags)


Lose the canopee (already off) and put my toolbox in.


Buff her out and clean it up.


put on a weber and go haul some shit:fu:


Here it is as is now.




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Damm very straight..good purchase. Nobody can own just 1 Datsun BTW ;)


I got physically ill after selling my KC:drool: Cold sweats, blurred vision, restless leg syndrome, diarrea:poop: Im starting to feel better now. Cant wait to dig into her tomoro:D

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Did a few things to the LongBed. Went thru the brakes bleeding anad adjusting. Had to replace the master cyl. luckily I had 1 lying around. Booster needs to be changed as well. At least I have brakes now. Threw on the GM Ralleys and lowered the front just a lil bit to match the worn out leaf springs in the back, Put on weber and elec. ignition and got it running good then the smoke started BELLOWING out of the tail pipe:eek: The motor she is toast:poop: I was hoping to do the min. on this rig and Daily Drive but now I am on the hunt for a motor.:mad: At least I got the chrome tip on thje tail pipe:blink:







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I would have left the stockers on but the tires werre all dry cracked and mis-matched crapola! The ralleys are just temp. until I get good tires 4 the stockers or some cheapo ol-skool mags.


As 4 the motor, I know DICK about rebuildin a motor. I have been wanting to do a rebuild but dont have the specialty tools required.

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i used a regular set of tools to rebuild mine, had a friend check out the rings and cylinder walls.



the rest i was able to just use regular tools.



You can get a good honing kit for 15-20 dollars, and a ring compressor for dirt cheap too. thats about all i can see special you needing.

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