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  1. Pulled off the e-brake cables. The passenger side is stuck, so the brake was never releasing and that is why the passenger side brakes work like shit. It was probably stiff before and then really stuck when the truck sat Both cables Stuck cable(passenger side Truck bit me, but it didn’t break skin so it was just a love bite I am thinking that I may just cut off the ends and replace the cable cover, then get some new cable stops and crimp them on like these ones are done. For now, off to work
  2. Someone put the visors down and I am having trouble seeing my thread
  3. The cable housing has rusted through in two spots near each wheel. I will need to take it off because I am assuming it is one piece. I think my grease fittings are gone so maybe it was already swapped
  4. I will take a picture later on, it is the cable that runs from on brake baking plate through a bracket that looks like a Y where the adjustment is and the cable heads toward the e-break handle, and then heads to the opposite side backing plate
  5. I just messaged him and asked if he has the e-brake cable
  6. Planning to see how this place charges. The undercarriage of the Datsun is coated in slime from the motor leaking oil http://www.sanjoseautosteamcleaning.com/contact-us.aspx
  7. Seems like the e brake cable is shot. I am not sure if that is why the passenger side rear brakes are acting funny but it is a little side pleasure to deal with now. The cable housing has rusted on both sides and cracked through.
  8. Did anyone see this? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202143663335
  9. I am going to take off the (4spd??) transmission from the J13 if anyone is interested
  10. engine plans are to try to get it running again with the motor in it. I have an old E1 and extra 320 transmission or a pullout J13 that I bought from a ratsun guy way back when he was swapping his 520 to one of those turbo death motors☠️. I wish I could remember his name, he lived near Sacramento.
  11. Uhm.........more oics. I believe you said you had two trucks?
  12. Great topic, this is something I need to sort through on my truck
  13. My L320 has a J13 but with the original column shift transmission.
  14. This is a return project. I posted the brake redo here way back in 2007........time flies
  15. I was posting from my phone
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