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Anyone wanna help me get this beast running tomorrow

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Ok so i have a 12v power wire when ignition is on, so i run that to the positive side of the coil, now the wire i run to the side of the dist is it in the harness or do i run a separate wire from negative side of coil to dist ???

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id say if the wire is already connected to something else, find the shortest lead. lol not completely helpful but im not sure what your situation looks like.

also, id say the negative doesnt matter, it usually is nothing but just a ground

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I think I have posted this enough



if you have point you better have a ballast of 1.6 ohm sor nesr it

and a point type coil. 1.4 to 1.6 ohms will work.


otherwise POINTS will not last at all.


ya i found that last night i ran a wire from negitive side of coil to dist and got spark so i checked what wires had continuity and found one that had been taped up in the harness that had continuity with one of the other wires ran that to the negitive side of coil and the other to the dist cranked and no spark checked for power at the coil now i dont have power at the coil ??? the secont to bottom fuse on left side dosent have power now but i still have power at the ignition switch????

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well what was the fix?????????


But if runngin points you still need a high resisitance point coil and a ballast.


go by the drawing posted otherwise the point will fry or the coil could get HOT and cook with you have a point coil in there.

You can put a low ohm coil in there and not ballst but the points will FRY and your broke on the side of the road.

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I ran a jumper wire to get power to the coil still need to figure out why i dont have power now, got a balist resister and ran the wire straight from negitive side of coil to dist. now the fuel pump isnt working im taking a break for the day

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lol what your not Bubba Smith lol :lol:(police academy):lol:


i got a fuel pump if you need one




i have a fuel pump too if you need one



and freaky, i was just thinking that too. was looking for a pic or vid of when he ripped the front seat outta that car :D

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