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1974 datsun 620 automatic p/u

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hi there, i have a 1974 datsun automatic. its in great shape the automatic is very rare and thats why the price is that high, but the truck is allso not in great condidtion so that why i am negotiable one the price. the reason i baught this truck is i was going to turn it into a low rider, but i want a stick shift. if you have any qustions at all please feel free to call or email me and i will be glade to answer them for you. my number is 541 409 7041 my name is dustin, and my email is dustingroat@hotmail.com



does have some rust on the floor bord and in the bed, but it comes with a huge can of bond that will fix that right up

needs brakes in the front, they work but not that well.

needs wiper blades



brand new flex plate in it


is great on fuel

has a roller sysetem in the bed

all stock

















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Automatic 620s aren't rare. Whats somewhat rare about the '74 is it's L18 motor only used that year and a few months of '73. It (the '74 auto) is the only Datsun 620 to come with a 4.625 rear end ratio, now that's rare. I didn't catch the asking price but with poor brakes up front and over a quarter million miles on it I hope it was reasonable.


BTW body and interior look reasonable for the mileage.

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lol that was just what i would pay for that truck. a good one i would pay more



Datdoug had a REALLY nice king cab for 1800. again, i stand with my opinion stated earlier.



Good luck with the sale

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realy, but it runs and drives fine just has a little bit of rust, i mean i would pay that much for a car that didnt even run, what make3s this that cheap, what would bring its value up, would it help if i fixed the rust spots


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I've been into Datsun's for almost 20 years now. Unfortunately 620's just aren't that rare yet, but they are getting there. The rare thing is to find one in immaculate shape. As with almost all Datsun's, the vast majority are worth very little, but the value goes up exponentially as the quality goes up. Honestly the white one here is a sub-$1000 truck. If it had a really straight body with decent paint, and a good interior, then maybe $1500.

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if you prepped it by hand.. (get rid of all the rust and any dings there may be..) and primerd it, then gave it a cheap maaco paint job.. cleaned the chrome up a bit.. i could see asking for $1000, the fact its an autotragic doesnt bring the value up, if anything it brings it down.. had it been a 4 speed an u did all that stuff i just mentioned i'd say askin $1500 would be fair.



but lemme ask a few questions here..


when was the timing chain last changed?

when was the head gasket last changed?

when was the alternator an starter last changed?

whens the last time the points were changed?

has the stock carb ever been rebuilt?



alot of this stuff factors in because if this truck has been sitting for a long time, alot of that stuffs going to need attended to pretty soon.. not to mention its got over a quarter million miles on it hehe


my truck, i've replaced both front an rear brakes recently.. (fronts are custom disc brakes)

rebuilt the weber

new gasket set for the whole engine

new head

EI distributor, (no points)

new radiator

new alternator

new starter

new battery

new belts

new tires

new clutch

5spd transmission


my truck has very little rust.. altho she has been in an accident so some panels need help lining up correctly, shes still a decent lookin rig..


i would be LUCKY to get 1500 for it, altho i wouldnt let it go for that cause i got almost twice that into it.. an its my first vehicle..


so what im tryin to say is, with some work u could ask for 1500, but the way it sits it looks like its been parked under a tree or in a feild for the past 10+ years..

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Sure it would help if you painted it, it always helps. But painting costs money. I've spent around $500 on my 510's paint job so far, and it isn't even finished yet. That's with me doing the work. So if you did paint it, you'll get more money, but probably only just break even in the end.

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hey thanks alot everybody i have learnded a lot and im going to have fun fixing this truck up so i can get some money out of it, cuz i baught it for 150 and replaced the flex plate, so i figure i have some more money to put into it to make it look nice

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Painting it won't turn it into a $1500 truck, not with that kind of rust. And definately not with sketchy brakes and ancient wipers.


I would say, to get $1500 out of it you'd need to spend about $2000 or equivalent. If you put a $500 paint job on it it might fetch $1000. These aren't investement opportunities, and you're in Oregon where they aren't exactly rare.


"$350 for a rolling shell", well, that'd have to be a pristine, factory-looking shell with no rust at all. A "rolling shell" in that condition is closer to "pay me to haul it". Sure, it's got a good drivetrain... that's worth about $300 due to it being an automatic. Add a couple hundred to the drivetrain because it's at least intact and looks like almost everything's there, it's at tops a $500-600 truck.


I know, it sounds overly critical, but that's what the buyer does- takes the base average and subtracts all the flaws. Sellers try to hype up the positives- that's the idea.


They're that cheap because they've never been worth a lot of money to begin with.



You paid $150 for it with a bad flexplate? Well, that's actually about right.

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paid $100 for mine with a blown head


but did ya notice the long list of shit i've done, 'holic's right.. u would have to spend twice the amount of money to sell it for 1500...


what i suggest is putting a 4 or 5 speed in.. its very easy.. doesnt cost alot..

hell i'll even help ya for a 5th of jagermiester

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lol ya a stick shift would be nice,........i might just do that. and thank u for ur offer but one im 17 and cant buy it, and two i repaced the flex plate on it so i pretty much know how to take the tranny out and every thing and it will feel a lot better if i did it myself ya know. but i do need some pointers on how to take out the stock stero, is there like clamps on the back side i didnt see or do i just p;op it out with a little force?

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