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  1. jeks180


    shit I guess I could entertain offers.
  2. Lol, not selling to get rich, just looking to trade/get some cash as I am going to Hawaii soon and need some extra spending money, plus I'd rather have 14's with smaller tires then these. Thanks -Tommy
  3. 300 obo with the tires that are on em.
  4. just copy/paste from my ad on hr.net 350 OBO! also open to trades! 13x7 light weight racing wheels they're either panasports or enkeis. 4x114.3 they're on my 81 corolla right now. They could use some work so that's why they're so cheap. They were posted on here for 350 before now they're in Lynnwood Wa. the paint has started coming off the face and lips of these thats what work they need. they are 13x7 around zero offset maybe plus ten, no markings on the back that could be seen. the tires are 205/60/13 sumitomos are have some life left Will take partial trade for supras, supras must have either no tires or 185/60 or smaller Most I value supras at is 100 bucks unless they've been polished or something Here are some old pictures -Tommy 425 268 9330 oh here's a picture of them on the corolla:/
  5. 550 or best offer no shipping bump
  6. I was told they're negative 38 but I know thats not the case I'm guessing theyre in the range of neg 20 as my wheels that are now on the car these came off of were neg 39 and needed about a 20 mm change in the fenders
  7. was thinking 650 obo 4x114.3 and ??? 205/50/15 fronts 195/60/15 rears thanks 425 268 9330 oh I'm in Lynnwood wa
  8. was thinking 650 obo thanks 425 268 9330
  9. jeks180

    I finally found one

    ok fine there ya be, I am trying to come up with funds for 3 inch drop blocks and some wheel money for pullapart lol
  10. jeks180

    I finally found one

    Well I got hooked up from frank, accelerator pump in the ew stock carb lol. Easy fix. Now to clean the motor to find the leak, its bad, like I wanna put a bp logo on it an call it bad juju. Also took off the rear bumper, passanger side mirror, I'm looking for a small mirror to replace the drivers side as I hate the stock mirrors. I'll update with pictures when I get drop blocks an so on.
  11. jeks180

    I finally found one

    well having some issues with the datto, from what I've read I have a vacum leak or a accelerator pump issue. and I've checked the vacum lines, I think I need to find a emissions delete diagram and go from there but am unsure of myself at this point. I've spent to much time with ka's lol
  12. jeks180

    I finally found one

    oh and to give a sample of style here ya be

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