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  1. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Volvo woes

    Commando bumpers! (thick ass aluminum, made to ram through shit)
  2. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Volvo woes

    Common issue with these things. Get a spare one for in the trunk, and run premium.
  3. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Your First Datsun? What was it? When was it?

    Pretty sure I came home from the hospital in a Datsun. 1980 510 hatch. My brother totaled it head on into a suburban. Family tragedy. He still laughs about it.
  4. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Dont be a dick....

    No fucking way. Is this true? How have I not heard this before? I went well the fuck out of my way if it is. I have em if this is true. both from one side on a spare grill. Goddamnityouhavetobeshittingme.
  5. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Dont be a dick....

  6. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Dont be a dick....

    Goddammit, I was trying so fucking hard to say this. You're some kinda poet laureate.
  7. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Dont be a dick....

    Havent played with my datsun in a long time. Got married, bought a house, had a kid. I've been busy. Go move my truck today. Finally gonna have time to get her pretty again. What do I see? Someone jacked the trim rings off my grill. My truck looks like shit, I'll give you that, but I had restored the grill. Cleaned, painted, trim rings all held on with the original tabs, and now I'm just left with the tabs. You half fucked the parts when you stole them, you dick. Moral of the story: If someone has a shitty looking datsun it doesnt mean they dont care about it. If you jack parts for your datsun you weaken the community and you're being a dick as well as a thief. Dont be a dick. or a thief.
  8. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Add a thumbnail for the listing

    How do I do it? I uploaded one as it prompts, then did a bunch of IMG stuff from photobucket. Pics in the advert are good, but no thumb!
  9. DaveyDaveDaveDave


  10. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Plastic Wiper Pivots - Who would have thought???

    I steal em offa 720s at the wreckin yard. Waay better material than the 620 stuff.
  11. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    What did you do to your 620 today?

    Over the weekend I did steering linkage, wheel cylinders, shoes, had drums turned. Tomorrow, bleed the brakes. Today? Not a damn thing.
  12. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    620 drum brake replacement problem

    Not to thread jack, but where can I find the rest of this diagram? I tried a couple of searches on brake grease points, got nothing.
  13. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Your First Datsun? What was it? When was it?

    Family car growing up was a 1980 510 hatch. I was supposed to learn to drive in it. My brother got in a high speed collision with a suburban driving it. He was thrown 30 feet from the car and knocked out. Received minor lacerations on his pinky. Wait, thats the first datsun I didnt get.... Was working at a wrecking yard. in 2008. A 78 KC came in, in decent shape. I threw a fit till they sold it to me for 700(?). Drove it home, fixed it up for a little while. I wound up "giving" it to a friend so he could gtfo. Put well over half a ton and his two year old in it, drove it to California without a problem. Without going in to details, Ive never, and will never, see it again. Unless someone has come across an abandoned 620 outside needles, CA. If you have, PM me. Seriously.
  14. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Smog delete question

    Maybe 1400 in AZ, but Im in WA. More like 1360 with a chance of rain. I TOOK IT OFF CAUSE IT WAS IN THE WAY OF OTHER WORK AND LOOKED SHITTY. THe answer is put the EGR back on.But since you fucked that up.....Exhaust gas runs 1400 degrees.No solder is gonna work. Exhaust gasses are 1400 degrees in the CC. Also, no flow through the three inches of mild stainless sticking off at the far end of the manifold. See, what youre doing, Z, is called trying to help but kinda being a dick. Youre from AZ, so I know your intentions are good and you did provide some food for thought :console: PS Its all welded now. Yes, PCV hooked up in the factory intended hole on the intake.
  15. DaveyDaveDaveDave

    Smog delete question

    I spent about two hours trying to get the fitting out. When that didnt work, I tried the pinch and fold thing. It split down the side. I still have about an inch extra pipe, so Im not out of tries, but I need to be back on the road by tomorrow. Im using a silver solder, which should need a little more heat than electrical, but still probably too hot, being right off the mani? And while Im at it, are there any drawbacks to plugging the EGR system rail on the inside? Theres those nice little two inch tubes that reach into the head, why not close off in there?

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